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Perfect Liquor Labels for Increasing the Aesthetic Look of Your Products

You may create the best liquor in the world but if people will not notice it, not buy it then it will not let you make money so it is better to invest time and energy and design perfect high quality liquor label. Get in touch with the best, renowned and trusted liquor label manufacturers and take advice from their team of trained professionals and experts. If you want people to fall in love with your product and brand than first impress them with your perfectly designed labels.

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Increase the Aesthetic Look of Your Products With Exciting Adhesive Labels

If affordability is the choice, then stock hologram manufacturers will provide the best option. While designing labels, the bottle label printing consists of round shapes to denote the brand name. Liquor label manufacturers aids to create confidence in the intellect of the customers through the labels. It undoubtedly votes for the saying of judging anything by its cover only. Dot-matrix hologram manufacturers will arrange for the 2D, 3D, and dot-matrix hologram designs for film reinforcements. The combination of the correct material and adhesive should be recommended for the production of exciting aesthetic labels.

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Know and Choose the Best 3D Hologram Manufacturer in Kolkata

3D hologram manufacturers in Kolkata are a group of dedicated and trained professionals. The manufacturers use the accessible amenities and resources, resulting in low production costs and the least wastage. Moreover, the professionals work together to attain the set targets of the business within the predetermined duration. The team includes a team of sound controllers, which is updated with the industry regulation and guidelines.

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Know the Advantages of Using Sequential Stickers

Hologram stickers in Kolkata are being increasingly used these days. They’re eye-catching and durable, making them the perfect option for an easy, hassle-free & cost-effective labeling option. Best Hologram labels in Kolkata are usually made by using a durable holographic film.

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Know the Various Ways of Creating Hologram Stickers in Kolkata

Hologram stickers in Kolkata are being increasingly used these days. They’re eye-catching and durable, making them the perfect option for an easy, hassle-free, and cost-effective labeling option.

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Plastic Free Tea Bags & Solutions Tea Providers Are Using

As sustainability is the key goal of many industries companies these days are opting for more eco friendly solution & tea envelops than endangering the environment.

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Design Tips for Stunning Product Labels for Authenticity of Your Products

These shimmering substrates add by a hologram company in India adds a lot of dimension and a whole new dimension for craft beer and specialty food and other products in need of visual spark. Let us break down what is going into a holographic label and what you need to get the most out of your packaging.

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Choosing the Ideal Holographic Sticker for the Brand

It is to be noted, not all these stickers are limited to brand identity & security. Now the manufacturers are also customizing all these stickers to create an impact & make the product look appealing to the customers. Now you being a manufacturer or a fresher in this domain need to be confused or puzzled with a lot of questions in your mind like what needs to be considered while you get ready to approach a hologram company in India.

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Applying Labels for Glass Bottles and Plastic Bottles an Analysis

The printer will lead you through series of questions that allows them to determine the best bottle label printing material along with adhesive & label shape for the brand's glass or plastic bottle. What about the result? A label will look good & perform the way you need it to. What kind of surface do we work it? From a design & usability standpoint there are both advantages & disadvantages of choosing glass bottles over plastic or vice-versa for instance glass generally imparts an air of upscale quality.

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Customised icecream cone sleeves – Benefits for Business

Icecream cone sleeves are the best way which you can add to your ice cream to provide an easy eating experience to your customers simultaneously give a protection layer to your delicate ice cream.

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Label Sticker Design Creates a Winning Brand

Labels are part of packing that allows customers all relevant information. As a customer picks up a product from a store shelf & finds no major description, or if there is no custom print stickers they won’t feel safe. Many of us are allergic & if we do not get proper information we are not satisfied.

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Earn consumer trust on food packaging with a tamper-evident label

In the current age of Covid-19, consumers are giving high importance to the safety and security of their food items and in this scenario, it becomes very important to find a method that ensures security. One of the safest, easiest, and cost-efficient solutions is to have a tamper-evident label for your product. Custom hologram stickers or security holograms are such labels or stickers which can be used to provide customer assurance of safety.

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Security Label Design Trends You Need to Be Aware in 2021

Product labelling is quite important to attract the prospects & share details of the product. An impressive label design for products makes your product stand out from the rest. It makes your brand memorable in the minds of your customers. So let us talk about label designing trends. In the design industry trends are unpredictable.

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Role of Adhesive Labels in Creating Brand Image

It can be also viewed as the last opportunity in selling process to convince the customer to buy the product. If you are able to hold the customer and catch his attention at this last moment then the chances are very high that customer will buy your product.  Adhesive labels can be a very quick, easy, and affordable way to enrich your product packaging and able to transform simple packaging solutions into colorful innovative designs and increase its attractiveness and help your brand to create an elevated image in customer’s minds.

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4 Reasons why your Company Should Use Self-Adhesive Labels

When was the last time you gave attention to product labels? If you are unable to recollect, then you are in the same boat as the plethora of other business owners. Most individuals fail to realise the inefficiencies associated with product labels from creating them to their actual placement on the respective product. To eliminate these inefficiencies, it is time to switch base to self-adhesive labels. Here in this blog, we will discuss mainly the advantages of using self-adhesive labels.  Read it on & learn more.

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Advantages of Using Tea Bags

There is a debate that comes up all the time when people drink tea: which is better tea bags or loose tea. Whether in tea bag envelopes the aroma remains intact as it comes to while using loose tea leaves.

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Designing a Great Hologram label The Key Areas to Look at

A hologram label is nothing but a flat adhesive sticker that allows a visual impression of containing a three-dimensional image. Dot-matrix hologram manufacturers opine brands & commercial setups often use custom hologram for security purpose. Affixing them to products or documents with some sensitive information they are a bit difficult to replicate and deter fraudsters while making counterfeit items easier to spot.

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Three Things to Keep in Mind While Considering the Best Label Printing Company

There are many type of labels available in market for various products like bottle labels, medicine labels, label stickers etc. It is important to confirm that the label print company will be providing you with best services and with proactive approach. The company should be able to provide you with best suited tailored recommendations for your products that will suit your business needs the best.

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Personalized Liquor Bottle Labels A Key Study

Sometimes they are distilled to gain flavour, clarity and per cent of alcohol concentration, but it's not very common, especially for liqueurs made at home. The distillation process requires special equipment and conditions which are hard to obtain in homemade production. Here in this article, we will let our readers know about the liquor labels in the custom, printed bottles.

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Key Advantages of Sequential or Numbering Stickers a Detail Study

This is often used for vehicle artwork & for a window display in contemporary times. Sequential/numbering stickers are great options & are an affordable option to advertise. There are tons of different uses for vinyl decals along with lettering and typically the application of numbering stickers as peeling off the back of a sticker.

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How Void Labels can Keep your Brand Safe a Detailed Study

Customers generally identify anti-counterfeiting void stickers and if they find across any sort of problem there are high chances of avoiding it.

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How Tobacco Holographic Works are ideal to Prevent Counterfeiting

We have discussed a few pointers on Tobacco holographic paper pouch here and we are sure individuals going through it will drive maximum advantages. All it can be said is to stop counterfeiting and make the products get a good reach in the market. Talk to label holotech and let your products go the extra mile in the days to come.

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3 Key Advantages of Private Label Cosmetic Products

Fortunately for the latest brands, the advantages of private label cosmetic products stretch far, as it allows an opportunity to create the optimal product. The entire execution can be carried out without investing a lot of sum. Private cosmetic labels products are generally the best especially for the small and mid-sized owners as they want a rapid turnaround.

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A Step by Step Guideline of labelling Alcohol Bottles

Labelling alcohol bottles might seem simple, but in reality, it is an arduous task. After all, there are no nutritional facts and most of the beverages has a narrow list of inputs. But there are a few characteristics of wine along with beer or spirit label that the body probably never noticed & disclosure to be made that you might have never considered.

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Ways to Make Your Ice-cream Sleeves Look Amazing: An Elaborate Study

Numerous packing companies of ice cream cone sleeves are helping out ice-cream makers and cone brands in their highly demanding ambience by catering them with valued cone sleeves. These are the tailored packing material to keep ice cream safe and allow them an eye-catching look.

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How Tobacco Holographic Works to Prevent Counterfeiting: A Key Analysis

We have also witnessed weakness in legal enforcement & criminal penalties amongst others. In India counterfeiting has become prevalent & brand sanctity faces humongous threats. Here in this article, we will elaborate on how tobacco holographic paper pouch can help. But before that, we will also have a word or two about the mechanism of holography, its uses and popularity.

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Ways of Creating Effective liquor label: An Elaborate Study

Material is a key aspect of liquor label printing especially if you are in want of creating custom labels. Experts opine in the case of liquor brands everything needs to be printed well, as the material used should be customer friendly...

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What are The Key Functions and Advantages of Void Labels?

The void label which has a scientific name, the anti-counterfeiting mark is also defined as an anti-counterfeiting trademark. It is an anti-counterfeiting marking that can get pasted or printed and are transferred right onto the surface of the label or at the packaging of the label and right on the appendages of the label...

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Pros of Envelope Tea Bags to Ensure the Aroma of the Tea Remains as it Is

Generally, there are a couple of ways for tea making. The one is by boiling the loose tea leaves and the other is kept in the bag. Few prefer the loose one and few are in preference for the tea bags that is capable of emitting a flavoured aroma & quality taste of the tea...

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Beverage Tag Materials for Tea and Coffee Bags: A Detail Study

Custom tea tags along with other beverage tags should not only fit the containers the brand uses but should express the company’s style. The overall material and the finish choice will be very much essential in completing this impression. Here in this article, we will discuss a few options on tea bags and tea bag envelops you have while deciding what to create your custom tag out of...

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Anti-Counterfeit Labels and Packaging Are Key Towards Brand Protection and Recognition

There are many more anti-counterfeiting techniques out there or if required one can also use void stickers. If you want you can go through them and there are high chances that you can stop counterfeiters. Check it out today and witness the difference.

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Printing the Perfect Cosmetic label in Digital Format: A Detail Study

Digitally printed labels allow cosmetic manufacturers to create packaging that allows the brand to stand amidst the crowd. Maximum companies catering digitally printed labels creates full colour design that lures individual and keeps customer coming back to them. Generally a proprietary ink & operating system are used to create digital label perfection.

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Materials Used for Labelling Successful Water Bottle Labels

Water bottle labels face quite ups & downs when it comes to quality maintenance. Be it condensation along with friction & product handling are to be considered while selecting a label material. It ensures that the professionally printed labels will increase the aesthetic nature and make it robust than ever before. In this particular article we would discuss in detail about some options like void stickers that are to be kept in mind while ordering pre-printed water proof labels.

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Ways of Selecting The Perfect In Mould Label Manufacturing Process For a Product

In mould labels is a very low way to manufacturer label containers in a quick manner. The labelling is resistant to wear & tear and it is totally waterproof. It makes it a great option for creating labels for containers that are made from mould...

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Importance of label Design to Create a Winning Formula: A Short Study

Consumers will not even think of purchasing a product that is packed in an alluring manner but has no labels. The label sticker characterises the goodwill & allows the particular product to stand amongst the competition the humongous market.

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5 Key Guidelines for Labelling Pharmaceutical Products

It does not really matter if you are labelling a particular prescription drug or medical devices, all the medical products needs proper and correct labelling. The medicine label manufacturers are responsible for creating the labels in such a manner that it gets proper visibility.

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What 3D hologram Used For & How It Benefits You: An overview

Currently, 3D hologram manufacturers try and apply more realism so that one can easily realize the visual effects. Be it rain, fog, fire, or smoke things are displayed in a much transparent manner.

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Five Compelling Reasons You Need for Security Holograms

Security holograms are important packaging and hostile to duplication items utilized in numerous industries. Holograms stickers come in various sizes, shadings, and highlights. Hologram on security labels is very difficult to forego because they are replicated from a master hologram which requires expensive, specialized, and advanced equipment.

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Know How Security Labels Helps You to Increase Your Profits

Security labels are significant bundling items utilized in various ventures. Labels help to increase brand personality. However, product labels also play an important role in increasing your profits. First, let us be clear about what are security labels.

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Importance of Custom Print Stickers

If you want your brand or product to stand out among the other plethora of products and brands it becomes very important to display the uniqueness of your product. And this is the place where customization steps in. Yes! Custom print stickers are the most effective way of marketing strategy to outshine your brand or product.

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PB Holotech India. Pvt. Ltd. - Your Perfect Partner in Plastic Bottle Stickers and Label Printing Services

If the case of label stickers is considered, they are the first communicators of a company or even the product. Hence it is very necessary for the labels to be very effective and powerful...

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Security Rendering Features of Dot Matrix Hologram

Dot-matrix is a 2D matrix of dots that can represent images, symbols, or characters. In a dot matrix images are estimated using a discrete set of dots instead of lines and shapes. They provide an advanced level of security features to your product. They are printed through dot matrix hologram printers that use a matrix of dots to print each character. Dot matrix hologram technology is more user friendly. They are made up of high-quality raw materials and has its wide applications in many sectors such as pharmacy, cosmetics, sports products, apparels, beverages, and many others.

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Shrink Wrap - Economical and Secure Packaging Solution to Protect Items

Shrink Film is the foremost common sort of packaging available in today's world. It literally costs few pennies to guard items with shrink wrap. Plastic is particularly good at protecting items that get easily damaged during transit while handling or due to excessive moisture.

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What are Self Adhesive Labels? Why are They in Demand?

Self adhesive labels as the name suggests are self-adhesive because the adhesive present in the labels is sufficient enough to allow it to create a bond and stick to the surfaces on which they are pasted. Self adhesive labels are also called pressure-sensitive labels that are made of three layers...

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How to Choose the Ideal Holographic Sticker for Your Brand

Hologram stickers are one of the most important components of a product in terms of security, branding, and promotion. They provide instant proof of identity and authenticity. Almost every manufacturer or every brand uses holographic stickers for their identity and product safety purposes. Not only these stickers are limited to brand identity and security but now manufacturers are also customizing these stickers in order to make their product look more attractive and appealing to the customers.

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Know All About Best 3D Holograms Labels

Holograms stickers are basically flat adhesive labels that display or reflect a 3D image. They are used for security purposes of the product, and also for increasing the aesthetic look of the product. So for a product, it's very important to have an attractive 3D Hologram label that secures and beautifies the product...

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Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Pharmaceutical Labels

Whether the labeling is concerned with pharmaceutical drugs or medical devices, appropriate labeling is necessary to maintain consumer safety and pharmaceutical integrity.  While purchasing pharmaceutical labels from the suppliers, these are things that require attention:

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Holographic – Future of E-Commerce industry

Holographic technology has been used and shown in sci-fi films for years. The way this new technology is emerging it will be the future of advertising and can turn around the way e-commerce is functioning. Some of the brands have already started using this technology in advertising for doing their brand promotion.

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Looking to Make Your product More Secure and Authentic - Hologram Technology

In the current scenario when the environment is too competitive the need to make your product secure and authentic becomes too vital. The most excellent option is to use the best hologram labels as a security solution which can help brands to secure their identity...

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Three wise tips to select the most trusted label manufacturers

If you are planning to launch a new product in the consumer market, labeling the container properly is mandatory.

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When does the BOPP Tape gives optimal performance?

There are few things which are somewhat indispensable in our daily lives.

One such object is the BOPP Tape. We use this adhesive tape almost every day for sealing cardboard boxes and cartoons or mending torn sheets.

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When the question is about the selection of labels, most of the product manufacturers prefer BOPP tapes.

When the question is about the selection of labels, most of the product manufacturers prefer BOPP tapes.

To be specific, these labels made from Biaxially-Oriented (BO) Polypropylene (PP) material have become hot favourite for containers that are meant to store cosmetics, body and bath products, food products, pharmaceutical products, and lots more.

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Using security labels for preventing product counterfeiting

There is nothing more horrifying for a product manufacturer to find that his end users are not getting the original product that he is manufacturing. Basically, we are talking about the situation when the original products manufactured by a well-known and acclaimed manufacturer get exchanged with a duplicate and cheaper quality product.

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Three types of Self Adhesive Label

The significance of a label is immense for the product manufacturer as well as for the end-users. Actually, the label gives the authenticity that the original products that have been manufactured by the product manufacturer will reach the end users. On the other hand, a glance at the label gives the end users the assurance that they are getting the right products that they paid for. 

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All about Self Adhesive Label

As the development of the world took place, a lot of small inventions took place too. The stationery items are now improved and a lot of innovation can also be seen. One such useful stationery item is the adhesive labels. It is one of the most effective and efficient products that is used for various purposes all over the world.

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Common printing methods used in corporate sector

Does a considerable part of your monthly expenses in the office go for printing and stationary?

Well, you are not an exception in this regard. To be honest, stationary is a recurring overhead expense in almost every business. You will further be amazed to know about the different techniques that different Printing Companies in India use for producing corporate products like brochures, leaflets, posters, etc. for their clients.

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How many times have you taken the product labels with seriousness? Perhaps, this question would bewilder you a bit.

How many times have you taken the product labels with seriousness? Perhaps, this question would bewilder you a bit.

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Tricky food labels that trick consumers

It is a common practice among the urban population to read the labels of each and every food product that they buy. Basically, the claims made in these labels serve as a testimony of the ingredients present in the product that is being offered to them.

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Some interesting details about hologram labels for you

Lots of strategies and techniques are adopted by different brands for ensuring that their potential customers get authentic products. One such tried and tested technique is to label the products with hologram labeling.

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Two killer tips on economizing on printing cost

Printing can be considered as an integral part of almost every kind of business.

Even though the volume and nature of this printing can vary from business to business, some amount of investment in this area is mandatory for all.

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Security Labels in a Nutshell

Product counterfeiting is a serious problem today in which the conmen can often cheat your customers by replacing your genuine products with that of cheap duplicates. Sadly, you will never get the slightest idea of what your end users would actually get at the end of the supply chain even after paying generously for the quality they expect from you.

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All that you would like to know about security labels

There is lot of hullabaloo going around these days regarding security label. Majority of the manufacturers, suppliers and customers are giving these labels more priority over the traditional security system when it comes to ensuring security of their merchandize. There are lots of reasons that actually fetch more votes for these labels over the traditional alternatives that are available. We will gradually unfold them here for you. But before that we need to tell you lots about these security labels that will really amuse you. So,scroll down to know.

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Printing Companies in India

We are presently living in a business scenario where the customers are the most important stakeholders in a supply chain. Therefore, it becomes the duty of every manufacturer and seller to work up strategies by means of which they can reach their customers faster with their product details than that of their rivals. Here, marketing and product promotional endeavors prove indispensible.

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Creative birthday box wrapping ideas

Is the birthday of your best friend just round the corner? You might have saved your pocket money to buy a great gift for your best friend, but the manner in which you wrap the gift also holds considerable significance.

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Your One-Stop Guide to a Self Adhesive Label

Whether at home or when it comes to product retail manufacturing, all businesses, trades as well as people make use of a self adhesive label to ensure greater security of their products. Thus these labels play a crucial role especially when it comes to a smoother and more secured transition of your valued merchandise in transit.

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Parameters that help you in finding the right label printer

Labels become the integral part of your products when you seriously think about marketing them. But your marketing endeavors can only reach their targeted objective when you choose the right kind of labels.

It is simultaneously important to find appropriate label printer too who would deliver services that are worth your expectations.

Here are few tips that you can follow finding the right kind of printer for you. Check out!

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Reasons why security labels are gaining popularity

Presently, security labels have become the most preferred solution for merchandisers and freight forwarders when they have to ship their commodities to different destinations. Basically, these labels help in ensuring that these shipped commodities will remain immune against shipping loses.

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Things you need to know about security labels

If you are concerned about the security of your packaged merchandize in transit, you need security label.

In case you are coming across this term for the first time, you will surely wish to know in details about it. Here are some essential details about security labels for your reference. Take a look.

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Reasons why in mould labels score over their traditional counterparts

Have you ever come across the term called in mould label? If your answer is no then for your information, this is the kind of labeling that you often see in different product containers and bottles.

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Top Hologram Manufacturer Use a Multi-layer Approach to Protect Your Products

3D Hologram Manufacturers apply a new method called tensor holography that enables the production of holograms for 3D printing, virtual reality, medical imaging, and more. The uniqueness of this is it can run even on a smartphone. The virtual 3-dimensional images are created in two ways. Manufacturers use either computers with augmented reality glasses or optical displays.

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