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Reasons why in mould labels score over their traditional counterparts

Have you ever come across the term called in mould label? If your answer is no then for your information, this is the kind of labeling that you often see in different product containers and bottles.

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Things you need to know about security labels

If you are concerned about the security of your packaged merchandize in transit, you need security label.

In case you are coming across this term for the first time, you will surely wish to know in details about it. Here are some essential details about security labels for your reference. Take a look.

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Reasons why security labels are gaining popularity

Presently, security labels have become the most preferred solution for merchandisers and freight forwarders when they have to ship their commodities to different destinations. Basically, these labels help in ensuring that these shipped commodities will remain immune against shipping loses.

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Parameters that help you in finding the right label printer

Labels become the integral part of your products when you seriously think about marketing them. But your marketing endeavors can only reach their targeted objective when you choose the right kind of labels.

It is simultaneously important to find appropriate label printer too who would deliver services that are worth your expectations.

Here are few tips that you can follow finding the right kind of printer for you. Check out!

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Your One-Stop Guide to a Self Adhesive Label

Whether at home or when it comes to product retail manufacturing, all businesses, trades as well as people make use of a self adhesive label to ensure greater security of their products. Thus these labels play a crucial role especially when it comes to a smoother and more secured transition of your valued merchandise in transit.

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Creative birthday box wrapping ideas

Is the birthday of your best friend just round the corner? You might have saved your pocket money to buy a great gift for your best friend, but the manner in which you wrap the gift also holds considerable significance.

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Printing Companies in India

We are presently living in a business scenario where the customers are the most important stakeholders in a supply chain. Therefore, it becomes the duty of every manufacturer and seller to work up strategies by means of which they can reach their customers faster with their product details than that of their rivals. Here, marketing and product promotional endeavors prove indispensible.

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All that you would like to know about security labels

There is lot of hullabaloo going around these days regarding security label. Majority of the manufacturers, suppliers and customers are giving these labels more priority over the traditional security system when it comes to ensuring security of their merchandize. There are lots of reasons that actually fetch more votes for these labels over the traditional alternatives that are available. We will gradually unfold them here for you. But before that we need to tell you lots about these security labels that will really amuse you. So,scroll down to know.

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Security Labels in a Nutshell

Product counterfeiting is a serious problem today in which the conmen can often cheat your customers by replacing your genuine products with that of cheap duplicates. Sadly, you will never get the slightest idea of what your end users would actually get at the end of the supply chain even after paying generously for the quality they expect from you.

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Two killer tips on economizing on printing cost

Printing can be considered as an integral part of almost every kind of business.

Even though the volume and nature of this printing can vary from business to business, some amount of investment in this area is mandatory for all.

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Some interesting details about hologram labels for you

Lots of strategies and techniques are adopted by different brands for ensuring that their potential customers get authentic products. One such tried and tested technique is to label the products with hologram labeling.

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Tricky food labels that trick consumers

It is a common practice among the urban population to read the labels of each and every food product that they buy. Basically, the claims made in these labels serve as a testimony of the ingredients present in the product that is being offered to them.

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How many times have you taken the product labels with seriousness? Perhaps, this question would bewilder you a bit.

How many times have you taken the product labels with seriousness? Perhaps, this question would bewilder you a bit.

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Common printing methods used in corporate sector

Does a considerable part of your monthly expenses in the office go for printing and stationary?

Well, you are not an exception in this regard. To be honest, stationary is a recurring overhead expense in almost every business. You will further be amazed to know about the different techniques that different Printing Companies in India use for producing corporate products like brochures, leaflets, posters, etc. for their clients.

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All about Self Adhesive Label

As the development of the world took place, a lot of small inventions took place too. The stationery items are now improved and a lot of innovation can also be seen. One such useful stationery item is the adhesive labels. It is one of the most effective and efficient products that is used for various purposes all over the world.

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Three types of Self Adhesive Label

The significance of a label is immense for the product manufacturer as well as for the end-users. Actually, the label gives the authenticity that the original products that have been manufactured by the product manufacturer will reach the end users. On the other hand, a glance at the label gives the end users the assurance that they are getting the right products that they paid for. 

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Using security labels for preventing product counterfeiting

There is nothing more horrifying for a product manufacturer to find that his end users are not getting the original product that he is manufacturing. Basically, we are talking about the situation when the original products manufactured by a well-known and acclaimed manufacturer get exchanged with a duplicate and cheaper quality product.

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When the question is about the selection of labels, most of the product manufacturers prefer BOPP tapes.

When the question is about the selection of labels, most of the product manufacturers prefer BOPP tapes.

To be specific, these labels made from Biaxially-Oriented (BO) Polypropylene (PP) material have become hot favourite for containers that are meant to store cosmetics, body and bath products, food products, pharmaceutical products, and lots more.

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When does the BOPP Tape gives optimal performance?

There are few things which are somewhat indispensable in our daily lives.

One such object is the BOPP Tape. We use this adhesive tape almost every day for sealing cardboard boxes and cartoons or mending torn sheets.

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Three wise tips to select the most trusted label manufacturers

If you are planning to launch a new product in the consumer market, labeling the container properly is mandatory.

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Looking to Make Your product More Secure and Authentic - Hologram Technology

In the current scenario when the environment is too competitive the need to make your product secure and authentic becomes too vital. The most excellent option is to use the best hologram labels as a security solution which can help brands to secure their identity...

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Holographic – Future of E-Commerce industry

Holographic technology has been used and shown in sci-fi films for years. The way this new technology is emerging it will be the future of advertising and can turn around the way e-commerce is functioning. Some of the brands have already started using this technology in advertising for doing their brand promotion.

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