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Some interesting details about hologram labels for you

Lots of strategies and techniques are adopted by different brands for ensuring that their potential customers get authentic products. One such tried and tested technique is to label the products with hologram labeling.

However, while this technique to prevent counterfeiting of products had been around for really long time, most of us do not know much about these hologram labels beyond their typical aesthetic appeal.

So, here are some interesting details about hologram labels shared by a reputed hologram printer of the town for you. Watch out!


  • Who invented these labels?

The first query that might come to your mind will probably be regarding the inventor of these hologram labels.

For your information, this is a breakthrough invention by a Hungary born physicist named Dennis Gabor in 1950s.

Even amusing is that he made such a proposition for hologram printing during a time when laser based infrastructure that is integral for making these prints was unavailable!

However, Gabon received a Nobel Prize in Physics in 1971 for this futuristic invention.


  • How do these labels appear?

As we presume, all of you have seen hologram labels at least once or twice in your lifetime.

Thus, you would agree to it that hologram labels appear in the form of three dimensional photographs that might have got trapped inside a piece of glass, metal or plastic.

Now when you tilt your head keeping the label constant or vice versa, you will find that the image moves!

If you are feeling confused, then let us provide an example. In case you spot a butterfly in a hologram label, it would appear that the creature is flying when you move the label slightly!

Basically, it is upon the product manufacturer to decide what image he wants to present in thehologram label and how he wishes to animate it.


  • What is the working principle of these labels?

Now you may be eager to know the working principle of these labels.

Well, as the hologram printer indicates, when the light beam reflects on the hologram label from different directions it is able to catch each and every light beam.

This makes the image printed in the label become clearly visible to us, thereby authenticating its genuineness.

Let us tell you additionally that the technology used in hologram labels is such that they make you see a three dimensional image.


  • Where are these labels used?

As a matter of fact, the hologram labels find a great deal of applicability.

To be more specific, these labels can be used in the boxes and cartoons of food products, toiletries, medical equipments, and jewelry packets, electronic and electrical goods to a wide range of other consumer products.

If you carefully investigate your credit or debit card, you will be able to spot hologram labels there as well.

Posted on 13th Dec, 2019