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Choosing the Ideal Holographic Sticker for the Brand

Holographic Stickers

Holographic stickers are an important component of a particular product in terms of security along with branding & promotion. They are something that can allow instant proof of identity & authenticity. Almost each & every manufacturer or every brand makes use of holographic stickers for their identity & for product safety purposes.

It is to be noted, not all these stickers are limited to brand identity & security. Now the manufacturers are also customizing all these stickers to create an impact & make the product look appealing to the customers. Now you being a manufacturer or a fresher in this domain need to be confused or puzzled with a lot of questions in your mind like what needs to be considered while you get ready to approach a hologram company in India.

Level of Security-

Now as far as the security process is concerned as you look ahead for low-security purposes through holographic stickers you can get ready for stock hologram stickers without any sort of customization. This is quite an affordable option!

Secondly, if you need a bit of consideration in spending more on better security you can go ahead & opt for an advanced form of a stock hologram that generally includes a unique serial number. You can also add custom text numbers that can be considered as an added security!

Material & Design-

Holographic films are quite thin & flexible plastic film polyester (PET), oriented polymer (OPP) & these are micro embossed with numerous images & patterns. Holographic films are also laminated.

There are quite a few materials from which these films are generally made. It generally depends upon the requirement & the requirement on how you need to use holographic film on the product. These are 2D & 3D hologram designs & are dot-matrix holograms that are designed to enhance the films.

You can also opt for scratch hologram stickers in Kolkata that are very much well known for their singular use. If you are running short of time you can go ahead & opt for instant holograms that are ready-made & are ready to be used.


Generally, the stock hologram is a budget-friendly option available. However, the more variations you look at the holographic films will go on the higher side. You need to keep in mind that you opt for good films as holograms are the ones that generally act as a promotional tool that allows the brand to become unique & it secures the brand against duplication.

If you are convinced enough try out some of the best hologram labels in Kolkata & make sure that your brand stands out from the rest.

Posted on 2nd Jul, 2021

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