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Security Rendering Features of Dot Matrix Hologram

Dot-matrix is a 2D matrix of dots that can represent images, symbols, or characters. In a dot matrix images are estimated using a discrete set of dots instead of lines and shapes. They provide an advanced level of security features to your product. They are printed through dot matrix hologram printers that use a matrix of dots to print each character. Dot matrix hologram technology is more user friendly. They are made up of high-quality raw materials and has its wide applications in many sectors such as pharmacy, cosmetics, sports products, apparels, beverages, and many others.


Dot matrix hologram consists of some very intricate features which makes them more appealing.

  • Linear kinetic effect
  • Pulsating effect
  • Micro texts
  • Animated parallax
  • True color images


Benefits of using Dot matrix holograms

  1. They provide your products with tamper evident holograms.
  2. It has an effective combination of security, vibrancy, and attractive appearance.
  3. It can be used for both counterfeiting and brand protection.
  4. Dot matrix holograms are present in a wide range of colors, unique designs, and patterns.
  5. They are very easy to use and can be easily applied on the products manually.
  6. It replicates color photographs with visual depth.
  7. Dot matrix holograms are available in 2D and 3D variations also, thereby providing color separation.
  8. The technology used in manufacturing dot matrix hologram makes it very difficult or nearly impossible to replicate the holograms. Therefore it can be manufactured by the dot matrix hologram manufacturers with proper knowledge, technology, and equipment.


PB Holotech Pvt. Ltd. is considered among the most efficient and prominent organizations as dot matrix hologram manufacturers. The designs we manufacture comprised of many tiny dots, which are less than 15 microns and allows continuous visual changes of colour along each separate lines. The holograms that we manufacture are known for their long life and easy usage. We strive towards making quality holograms using high quality of raw material in a user-friendly price. Therefore if you are looking for an extra security for your products do look out for the dot matrix holograms as they will fulfill your requirements from all the aspects.

Posted on 11th Dec, 2020