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Know All About Best 3D Holograms Labels

Holograms stickers are basically flat adhesive labels that display or reflect a 3D image. They are used for security purposes of the product, and also for increasing the aesthetic look of the product. So for a product, it's very important to have an attractive 3D Hologram label that secures and beautifies the product.


Let's have a look at some of the important features you should keep in mind about the 3d hologram labels so that you can choose your labels accordingly.


  • Water-Resistant-

One of the most crucial features of 3D Hologram labels is that they are water-resistant and even scratch proof.


  • Customizable-

With 3 D Hologram labels you have always the option of customizing the labels as per your wish or as per your product needs. Look out for 3D hologram manufacturer who can customize your Hologram labels as per your need.


  • Very hard to Replicate-

Owing to unique optical properties that diffract light and creates a 3D visual image, 3D Hologram labels are very hard to copy either by a scanner or photocopy machine.


  • Visually Appealing-

The different colour combinations, excellent finishing, and attractive designs makes these Hologram labels very attractive and appealing to the customers.


  • Gives a sense of genuineness-

Must sound strange but yes the presence of Hologram labels makes the customer feel that the product is genuine. It makes the customer believe that the sticker manufacturer who has used the Hologram cares about the overall quality of the product. Thereby customers perceive a higher value about the product.


  • Anti-tampering Feature-

The 3D Hologram labels are designed such that they cannot be tampered. They contain very strong adhesive and a very firm plastic coating. So they stand firm on all grounds of security.


Every manufacturer wants their product to stand uniquely in the market. And usage of 3D Hologram labels is the best way to enhance the product's quality and security. In addition to that, you can also look out for good 2D hologram manufacturers and opt for the best custom stickers standing out differently from the crowd.

Posted on 9th Nov, 2020