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Designing a Great Hologram label The Key Areas to Look at

A hologram label is nothing but a flat adhesive sticker that allows a visual impression of containing a three-dimensional image. Dot-matrix hologram manufacturers opine brands & commercial setups often use custom hologram for security purpose. Affixing them to products or documents with some sensitive information they are a bit difficult to replicate and deter fraudsters while making counterfeit items easier to spot.

If you are thinking of designing a hologram label to manage your brand or to protect certain assets, you are the first to get an understanding of the options you are having. Above all the hologram labels are versatile & cost-effective tool that uses certain items & enhancing the product. Numerous techniques are applied to design & manufacture the custom hologram to suit individual needs.

Two Dimensional (2D) Hologram-

Among the holographic solution available, the 2D hologram is perhaps widely used. They are created based on two-dimensional graphic images with a quality visual concept. 2D holograms are tamper-proof and it means any attempt at alteration is quite obvious. Dot-matrix hologram manufacturers say there is an option for them to leave a logo or a simple text or word saying "Opened" if someone has tried to open the label.

Two-dimensional (2D)/ Three-Dimensional (3D) Holograms-

These hologram labels display two images or more than two images in parallel to each other. One image is placed behind the other to create a 3D effect & can be used practically for any logo or existing design. They can again be tailored to match any of the security concerns.

Three-dimensional 3D Holograms-

3D stickers are generally used for brand advertising in the corporate sector. They are popular for strong sticking gum & long-lasting durability. They are completely waterproof & are widely available in a wider range of colour contrasts.

Laser dot-matrix holograms-

These tamper-evident holograms are often used for brand protection. The long-life & easy usability of Dot-matrix hologram are the key advantages. Dot-matrix holograms consist of computer-generated dots arranged on the respective label which allows numerous light effects that are viewed from numerous positions.

Posted on 8th May, 2021