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Earn consumer trust on food packaging with a tamper-evident label

In the current age of Covid-19, consumers are giving high importance to the safety and security of their food items and in this scenario, it becomes very important to find a method that ensures security. One of the safest, easiest, and cost-efficient solutions is to have a tamper-evident label for your product. Custom hologram stickers or security holograms are such labels or stickers which can be used to provide customer assurance of safety.

Looking For Evidence

The first benefit of the tamper-evident seal is that if the sticker or label or hologram on the package is torn then it showcases tamper evidence. While stickers and labels most often work but to ensure extra precaution it is very important for businesses to invest in the best hologram labels that are impossible to peel without tearing. Such labels give the customer confidence that the product they are using is secured and is not torn or damaged in any way and is safe for consumption and other use. Such confidence helps in gaining trust of customers and help in enhancing sales by getting repeat business from loyal customers.

Protecting Beverages

To make the beverages bottle more secured, protected, and safe you can add a secondary label that extends from the top of the lid down to the side of the container. For this, you can use custom hologram stickers or labels to integrate tamper-evident features which give the bottle of beverage an additional layer of security and can also give them a colorful, classy, and designer look using beautiful graphics. For this, you can also use shrink sleeve labeling to cover the entire container or bottle. Secondly, you can also use shrink bands which act as tamper-evident band tunnel to your existing packaging. In both the methods (Shrink Sleeve Labeling and Shrink Bands) graphics can be easily used and showcased for branding opportunities. It is recommended to always use good quality best hologram labels for satisfying results.

Additional Benefits

Tamper-evident labels or security hologram labels can be considered as an all-in-one solution that protects the food and beverages from tampering and also provides all necessary information you need to communicate clearly with your customers as per standard guidelines keeping intact your branding as well. This way tamper-evident label becomes a single label that is efficient of multi-functioning. You can personalize these labels with the customer’s name, messages, greetings, etc, and can use these custom hologram stickers to give customize look to your product and also give assurance to the customer that your food item has not been mishandled.

Exploring Labeling Options

Creating trust with the consumers starts with the empanelment of an efficient, reliable labeling partner you can trust. Temper-evident labeling is the specialty of PB Holotech and they are leading security hologram manufacturers having the experience to fulfill the hologram and label requirements of numerous clients across various sectors.

Posted on 9th Jun, 2021