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Anti-Counterfeit Labels and Packaging Are Key Towards Brand Protection and Recognition

Counterfeit products are growing in several problems for business houses all across the world. It results in humongous economic loses and tends to harm consumers. The effects of counterfeiting are felt in quite a few industries like that pharmaceuticals along with food and beauty. To be honest this has led to strengthened effort to prevent and stop it.

Unfortunately, counterfeiting continues to wreck in huge figures. Thereby efforts are being laid to stop this malicious activity. However, there are ways to fight back and protect the brand. Efforts like anti-counterfeiting strategies and sequential/numbering strategies coming & thereby one can rest be assured that things be in favourable condition from now on.

Anti-counterfeiting labels and packing techniques that you need to know:

There are a couple of main types of anti-counterfeiting techniques for labels and packaging & these are often fused to create comprehensive security solutions. Overt along with convert characteristics are noticeable and hidden details respectively and this makes it easier to detect fakes. It also increases traceability across all the supply chain and it is hard to counterfeit products. Depending on the needs and resources they can both uses convert and overt or both.

2D barcodes-

A two-dimensional 2D barcode is nothing but a look of a square or it can be a rectangle and contains small individual dots. A couple of the most popular type of quick response code and data matrix, but there are other options available. 2D barcodes are used extensively in numerous industries from manufacturing along to warehousing, healthcare.


Varying visibility, watermarks are nothing but images and patterns that are embedded into the design of a respective package or paper. It generally authenticates products and it generally supports brand identity. Not only are they extensively used for packing but also postage stamps and currency and for other government documentation. The watermarks can be either generic or it can be customized using a logo or brand name.

Micro text-

Like that of watermarks micro text is ideal to be used and authenticate the product. Extremely small texts along with codes or symbols are quite hard to replicate or copy without using any advanced detection along with printing equipment. Micro text for advertisement shelf strip can be inserted in all the overt images.


Often this is confused with holographic the couple are quite different. It is to be noted that a hologram is a three-dimensional image formed through the interface of light beams. It can also be formed through an intense light source.

There are many more anti-counterfeiting techniques out there or if required one can also use void stickers. If you want you can go through them and there are high chances that you can stop counterfeiters. Check it out today and witness the difference.

Posted on 17th Feb, 2021