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Security Label Design Trends You Need to Be Aware in 2021

Product labelling is quite important to attract the prospects & share details of the product. An impressive label design for products makes your product stand out from the rest. It makes your brand memorable in the minds of your customers. So let us talk about label designing trends. In the design industry trends are unpredictable.

Some stay for years while others disappear like a puff of smoke. Some trends shift time & evolve. We believe that every single designer should at least know the coming trends & prepare themselves for them. In this particular article, we will discuss a few trends that are making a positive buzz in the year 2021.

Simple, Bold & Clear Rocks-

  • The trend resurfaces regularly. It is an assumption that this version for this calendar year will be more articulated & more compelling for the customers.
  • As you minimize the elements that are being used in package design, it elevates the products as long as it depicts the point across.
  • In today's fast-paced world does not allow shopper to study every product label that is available in the market.
  • Therefore it is better that you cling to the essential things that make sure you are helping customers with an informed choice.
  • As the label stickers are clean & effective it allows the product to shine.


  • Embracing Custom Lettering-

It isn’t new & almost every designer loves to create something right from the scratch & get crafty. Individuals do this to get some organic effect. For example, take fluid imperfections like those irregular limes or allowing a natural texture and it makes a product stand out from the rest. It allows a unique non-digital look.

  • Make Colours Your Friend-

We all know that colours are a major cause to evoke emotion & it greatly influences a purchasing decision. Due to this particular reason colours are always a significant & substantial factor towards choosing label design. Off late designers can be spotted experimenting with colours in the latest and amazing way. We can see that bright colours are beginning to be seen on the shelves of the stores.

  • Using Illustrations As Narratives-

There is a story behind each & every label. Individual seek out & cherish those stories with whom they feel close. The label designs now have started to incorporate a few of the narrative illustration. A label manufacturer today needs to be aware of the latest practices & know how to choose an accurate label size.

The style is amazing as it can transfer you into a fantasy world & you can see many designs in the market. These illustrations have the proven capacity to transfer a strong message as well as take you in a fun world.

With all the label designing trends & security measures that we have mentioned we hope you are supposed to receive a lot of ideas. The year is going to be a lot for the designers. Now trends are going to enter, it looks older trends are coming back as well.

Posted on 1st Jun, 2021