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All that you would like to know about security labels

There is lot of hullabaloo going around these days regarding security label. Majority of the manufacturers, suppliers and customers are giving these labels more priority over the traditional security system when it comes to ensuring security of their merchandize. There are lots of reasons that actually fetch more votes for these labels over the traditional alternatives that are available. We will gradually unfold them here for you. But before that we need to tell you lots about these security labels that will really amuse you. So,scroll down to know.


  • Exactly what it means

In simplified terms, it can be said that security label is a device that prevents duplication of your products and its circulation in your targeted client base. From here, it can be further derived that security labels help in preventing your customers from getting counterfeited products that are not at all manufactured by your brand.


  • How these labels work

Next time you go to the supermarket, buy some products and wait at the billing counter for payment, watch things very carefully. You will find that the sales personnel scans barcodes imprinted upon label on these products. This is exactly where the working principle of the security label lies.

To be more precise on this, these labels work on the Electronic Article Surveillance system. In this, a small receiver is attached to the product with the help of some adhesive. This entire arrangement in turn remains connected with EAS antennae that are installed in the sales outlet through which the manufacturer intends to sell the product.

Now when the sales personnel scan the barcode with the help of the barcode scanner, an alarm initiates the person that the product is genuine.


These sorts of high end labels serve a range of purposes which make them indispensible both for the customers as well as the manufacturers and marketers of products.

Let us first take the standpoint of the manufacturer of certain products to analyze the worthiness of these products. A manufacturer can only build a brand name when he is able to satisfy his customers with the right kind and quality of products that they look for.

As the product passes through different sections of the supply chain so having the assurance that the end users will ultimately get genuine products at the end of the cycle often becomes very challenging for the manufacturer. Here, the labels prove indispensible in affirming that even though customers buy a particular product from various outlets, they will only get original quality.

Moreover, with some special varieties of security labels the manufacturers are also able to correctly find out the stages in the supply chain where manhandling and doctoring of the product are occurring.

From the angle of the customers now it can be said that these labels stand as a testimony that they are getting exactly the same product that they have paid for.


  • What are the different types

The security label comes in various types and style to accurately suit the purpose of different product manufacturers and sellers.

For instance, the barcode is the most preliminary form of security label that is used in retail stops and outlets. Besides ensuring security of products against counterfeiting, barcodes also help in inventory control.

Serialization is another popular form of security labeling in which unique identifiers are incorporated. Hence, a secured form of product marking is established.

Among other varieties include micro-printing in which product information are incorporated into the security labels in so minute form that naked eyes cannot read them. Hence, specified tools are required for deciphering the product details and establishing them as genuine.

Besides these three varieties, there are few other types of security labels too like labels that come with color changing inks or with temper sensitivity. 

Posted on 10th Sep, 2019