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Importance of label Design to Create a Winning Formula: A Short Study

Market is always thronged by numerous consumers all of whom have unique style of shopping & choosing product. The choice of the product generally depends on range of factors like that of interpersonal choices along with economic level and finally number of product choices that are available. One thing that remains unchanged is label design.

Consumers will not even think of purchasing a product that is packed in an alluring manner but has no labels. The label sticker characterises the goodwill & allows the particular product to stand amongst the competition the humongous market.

The real meaning of label for the consumers-

Consumers are the key target for any product. It is very important to understand each and every solitary thing that is in sync with the product from the view point of a consumer. Labels generally play a pivotal role to allow the product gain supremacy in the contemporary market. At the same time if the labelling is not done in a meticulous manner, there are high chances that the product might fall apart without creating an impression of positivity.

Labels Are Gateway of Assurance for Product Quality-

According to product psychology, a consumer tends to think or tries to create an impression about the material that is inside by having a look at the outer labelling. If a particular organisation is unable to provide quality label, it undoubtedly fails to create an impression of positivity. Now the question is how the consumers can benefit from the labels? The label will educate the consumer about the product and allow the producer to create level of trust.

Label Is Ideal to Allow A Product Stand Out In the Market-

  1. If there is no label then there is no identity. A consumer does not use a label just to analyze the product’s quality.
  2. They also use it perfectly to identify the respective product.
  3. Just close your eyes & image a store full of toothpaste having no labels at all.
  4. It is difficult for a customer to get an understanding which product belongs to which brand.
  5. Labels establish the identity of the product.
  6. When a customer visits a store after using a few products and finds that product is in store he or she feels connected and a sense of positivity prevails.
  7. Labels make product quite different from its competitors and at the same time it gets recognized by the customers.

Labels Allow Customer a Sense of Safety-

Label stickers are part of product packing that allows the customer with some sense of information. When consumer picks up a product from a respective store shelf and gets no information or description about the respective content they develop a sense of negativity.

If we do not have proper information about ingredients of a food product, will we feel safe to consume it? If we are using chemical products and there is no information about it can be poisonous for human body. It is bound that we are unsafe.


Labels are very important in advertising a product. There are lots to say about labelling and we have just discussed few of them. A custom label can allow the product to gain exposure in the market. If labelled properly the product is sure to create an impact of positivity.

Posted on 27th Jan, 2021