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Security Labels in a Nutshell

Product counterfeiting is a serious problem today in which the conmen can often cheat your customers by replacing your genuine products with that of cheap duplicates. Sadly, you will never get the slightest idea of what your end users would actually get at the end of the supply chain even after paying generously for the quality they expect from you.

Now if you really wish to do something to put an end to this malpractice then you have to get hold of Security Labels. This is because only these high end labels can give you the guarantee that your customers will get exactly the type of product that they have ordered for.

The next question that would now bewilder you is selection of the specific type security label that will appropriately suitable your purpose.

Thus, we have compiled here some security labels suggestions for you. Watch out!




  • RF security label

The RF security label or the radio frequency label is the one that comes with radio frequency detection system. Different labels under this category are designed to track objects of specific megahertz of frequencies.

This security technology is made available to the stores managers, shop owners and retailers in the form of tags too besides labels.

However, these RF labels might not function as expect if they are used for metallic products or items that are stored in metallic containers. This is because these metallic products might hamper the radio frequency field that these labels create and thus lead to incorrect or reduced detection.


  • AM security label

These AM security labels prove advantageous specifically in areas where the RF labels leave loopholes.  In simplified terms, it can be said that these AM labels work quite effectively in case of metallic products or metallic product containers too.

Now you may be inquisitive to know the main working technology of these security labels. Let us tell you that these labels or Acousto Magnetic labels majorly depend upon the principle that they would also be able to detect frequencies of certain megahertz.

However, they are usually much thicker than the RF labels and are three dimensional. These security labels are comparatively cheaper than the electro-magnetic security tags in spite of being much more efficient.  As a result, they find much more extensive usage as security label in drugstores, cosmetic stores, electronics shops and hardware stores.

After getting concise knowledge about these two types of security labels, you may be inquisitive to know how they are placed. Detailed discussion on the matter has been done below:



The ideal positioning of these labels should be right beneath the product barcode or somewhere near it. You can very well call this position strategic. This is because this typically recommended placement of the security label ascertains that it would assist in scanning the product for genuineness.

Simultaneous with it, the placement recommendation shall also act towards deactivating the security system immediately after it has been scanned and identified as original.

This is yet another benefit of this particular label placement recommendation. It ensures that all other essential information related to the product never get concealed and instead remain clearly visible. 

Posted on 23rd Oct, 2019