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A Step by Step Guideline of labelling Alcohol Bottles

Labelling alcohol bottles might seem simple, but in reality, it is an arduous task. After all, there are no nutritional facts and most of the beverages has a narrow list of inputs. But there are a few characteristics of wine along with beer or spirit label that the body probably never noticed & disclosure to be made that you might have never considered.

Each country regulates alcohol labels differently. Here in this article, we will discuss mainly what is to be included in the liquor labels. Read it on & learn more.

1. Brand name along with Class & Type Designation-

The first requirement is quite easy. The brand name is the most prominent piece of information on the label & it must be the name under which the beverage label is marked. The brand name cannot be misleading about the age or origin or identity of the beer. This is the specific identity of the malt beverage that allows saying malted beverage.  

Labelling is very important. A label that is too small won't be able to cater for the vital information. It is important to consider a couple of product labels. One at the back and the other at the front might do wonders for you.

2. Name & Address-

In the case of domestic beverage the name and address of the producer or packer needs to appear on the liquor label optionally proceeded by an appropriate explanatory phrase "brewed by" or 'bottled by". In the case of imported beverage the name and address needs to appear on the label with an appropriate explanation “sole agent”

3. Net contents & alcohol content

The ultimate net content is the amount of consumable product within a respective container. There are no set standards or feel for a malt beverage and that can be packed in the size of the container. The alcohol content is a certain percentage of alcohol per volume of liquid. A particular statement of alcohol content is optional until and unless it is required or prohibited by the respective government.

 Here in this article, we have discussed mainly how an alcohol brand should go about its labelling plan. We have successfully dealt with the areas that have successfully elaborated on how to design eye-catching liquor labels. Hope this analysis will help and you can successfully create awe-inspiring liquor labels.

Posted on 23rd Mar, 2021