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When does the BOPP Tape gives optimal performance?

There are few things which are somewhat indispensable in our daily lives.

One such object is the BOPP Tape. We use this adhesive tape almost every day for sealing cardboard boxes and cartoons or mending torn sheets.

These tapes are so useful that actually we do think ever if we are using it in the appropriate manner or not.

But to be honest, there are some usage recommendations that amplify the effectiveness of these tapes. Here they are:

  • Some surfaces to be avoided

There are some surfaces where these BOPP tapes do not work effectively.  You may be inquisitive to know about these surfaces. 

For your reference, some of these include surfaces that are rough and have abrasive texture. Some of the surfaces may be wet or damp. Some surfaces may be oily and slippery.  Some surfaces may also be gritty and full of dirt.  These BOPP tapes do not perform well in these surfaces.

Similarly, the BOPP tape also becomes ineffective on walls that have limestone based wall paintings.   The powdery texture of these walls prevents the tapes from holding on to the surface securely. Hence, they tend to come off. 

Therefore, try to avoid the use of these adhesive BOPP tapes on the above mentioned surfaces.

  • Right pasting technique to be followed

There is a specific technique that needs to be followed for ensuring that the BOPP tape gets securely affixed to a surface. 

This technique is to paste the tape in the cross-wise manner in which one tape will be fixed in a perpendicular direction to that of the other tape. 

The purpose of this arrangement is to ensure that none of the tapes come out. Rather, they support each other and remain firmly fixed onto the surface where the tapes are applied.

  • Need some manual labour

Application of BOPP tapes can only be proper if you put in some manual labour. This precisely means, you have to apply some force and run your fingers over the surface of the tapes after they have been fixed.  This will make the tape securely hold the surface where it is fixed. 

There is another manual measure that you have to take. You have to out in some extra effort for securing the edges of the BOPP tape with the surface where it has been applied. For this, you have to use your pointer finger or thumb to give that extra pressure to these areas.

  • Choose the right kind of package

The type of package that you choose also determines how effectively the BOPP tapes will perform. 

If you use these tapes for too much overfilled boxes or cartoons then the chances of giving optimal performance are low. This is because the pressure inside the box will tend to tear apart the flaps and create pressure on the tapes. Hence, they will break apart.

Similarly, these tapes do not give good performance too when they are used for sealing under filled and almost empty boxes and cartoons.

Posted on 23rd Jul, 2020