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How Tobacco Holographic Works to Prevent Counterfeiting: A Key Analysis

Global counterfeiting is being driven by numerous factors. They are namely increasing industrialization, growth of technologies and impact of internet in quantum. Not to forget the vulnerable supply chains along with the power of consumerism.

We have also witnessed weakness in legal enforcement & criminal penalties amongst others. In India counterfeiting has become prevalent & brand sanctity faces humongous threats. Here in this article, we will elaborate on how tobacco holographic paper pouch can help. But before that, we will also have a word or two about the mechanism of holography, its uses and popularity.

Holography Has Risen To Be an Effective Brand Protection Devices-

  • In this particular backdrop, holography has risen and is currently an effective & user-friendly brand protection devices.
  • It is a front line weapon in the ongoing war with counterfeiting.
  • The technology has the tenacity to drive and incorporate varied data forms & product tracking information and this is becoming increasingly important.
  • It is commercially accepted and most importantly it capable of linking on packed product identification.
  • It can be formulated with supply chain management along with market enforcement & forensic support.
  • Latest imagining technologies along with combinations of other proven technologies with holograms are catering sophisticated latest generation of optical security devices.


How the Process of Holography Works-

It conglomerates ease of recognition advantages with enhanced resistance to counterfeits. This generally enables the identity along with the distribution of goods that can be controlled through an expanded system & solution involving security authentic characteristics. It generally tracks mechanisms along with investigative facilities.

How Holography As Made an Impact on Tobacco Industry-

Now let us have a word or two about how holographic work can prevent counterfeiting in the tobacco industry. To be honest the tobacco industry like that of other industries in the market is subjected to legal activities. tobacco holographic paper pouch makes the tobacco authentic and gets an identification in the market.

It is primarily related to tax evasion & counterfeiting of legal products. As a sizable illicit tobacco market can deprive the government of much-needed revenue and undermine the effective nature of tobacco control efforts, legal bodies dealing with these particular issues have made some plans. They have made efforts to curb tobacco tax avoidance and evasion.

Experts opine the higher rate of tax incurred on tobacco and alcohol products make them very much appealing to illicit traders. The risks are a bit high for criminals but the reaping rewards are very high. To prevent all sort of major or minor discrepancies, it is being advised to make use of tobacco holographic paper pouch liked to tax stamp initiative and this can be used as another track & trace application that is capable of delivering all-around advantages. 

Posted on 9th Mar, 2021