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Five Compelling Reasons You Need for Security Holograms

Security holograms are important packaging and hostile to duplication items utilized in numerous industries. Holograms stickers come in various sizes, shadings, and highlights. Hologram on security labels is very difficult to forego because they are replicated from a master hologram which requires expensive, specialized, and advanced equipment. They are used widely in several banknotes around the world, in particular those that are of high denominations. They are also used in passports, credit and bank cards as well as quality products. Mentioned below are the five reasons of the necessity of security holograms.


  • To prevent product duplication-

Security hologram stickers are perhaps the best item to forestall item duplication. Because of the presence of holographic and advanced security highlights, it is difficult to duplicate them. Besides hologram stickers are additionally utilized as alter apparent seals on the launch of the item bundling. A combination of various security includes according to your particular requirements makes them an ideal item to counter duplication.


  • To counter adulteration and tampering-

Security hologram stickers can have alter clear characteristics which makes them viable against item altering and contamination. Some of the tamper-evident features include tamper text evident and tamper pattern evident. The tamper text evident can include a customized text as per your requirement or it can include the generic text similarly a customized pattern can be used in pattern evident hologram. Security holograms are very difficult to be replicated since they are designed with the application of advanced technology.


  • To follow items in the production network-

Security holograms with advanced QR codes which can be utilized to actualize store network arrangements. Item following is a significant production network the board task can be executed with the assistance of QR code-based hologram. Item following assists with deciding the area of the item in the production network. This guarantees the security hologram manufacturer and different partners about the security of the item and the time needed for it to arrive at the end buyer.


  • Instant product authentication-

Security holograms with QR codes can be utilized for instant item validation. Such holograms can be examined at various stages and decides the validity of the item in less measure of time. Immediate item verification ingrains a feeling of trust in the hologram manufacturer and the end customer with respect to the creativity of the item.


  • To enhance aesthetics of the product-

Security hologram stickers are intended for item well-being as well as they are used to help the look and feel of an item. Holograms have a brilliant look which emphasizes the bundling of the item. An expansion in visual appeal of the item gives it a remarkable personality and edge to establish itself.

PB Holotech is a leader in security hologram manufacturers that provides customizable security holograms. The company offer holograms in different variants. The smart and unique holograms are integrated with digital product authentication features that can be used for wide variety of supply chain solutions. 

Posted on 5th Jan, 2021