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Holographic – Future of E-Commerce industry

Holographic technology has been used and shown in sci-fi films for years. The way this new technology is emerging it will be the future of advertising and can turn around the way e-commerce is functioning. Some of the brands have already started using this technology in advertising for doing their brand promotion.


With the changing scenario and competition, every industry is evolving new ways to compete. To keep themselves ahead of the competition, brands are looking for options which:

1.    Enable the authenticity of their products

2.    Reinvigorate marketing

3.    Should be Cost-efficient

4.    Add value to the brand


In the past decade, companies use paper stickers or different kinds of labels to reflect mandatory information related to products which are easy to copy and were used easily for duplicate products. Due to duplicate products government and company both use to have losses. Government has loss of tax while Company faces the loss of:


1.    Revenue

2.    Faith of loyal customer

3.    Brand image


To overcome this troublesome situation the best solution is the use of hologram technology. Use of holographic products helps brands:

  1. To safeguard the authenticity of their products
  2. Helps in winning the trust of loyal customers
  3. Helps in branding
  4. Prevent counterfeiting of products
  5. High quality gives an appealing look to the product


The technology used in hologram stickers and 3D images hologram enables them to be seen as a three-dimensional image as it captures light waves from different directions.


As per the research conducted on millions of customers across the world, it was found that 70% of customers feel confident to purchase the product with hologram stickers as compared to the product which is not having any such stickers or images on them as they feel the product with holographic stickers will be genuine and authentic. Also, 60% of the customer mentioned that hologram stickers on products enhance their faith in the product.


Hologram stickers cannot be pasted back if once separated partially or fully from the product. Also if anyone wants to remove the sticker than honeycomb pattern on which the hologram sticker is created make it to tamper and ensure that your product uniqueness and authenticity will remain intact.


Hologram Stickers are used in

1.    Various cards like debit and credit cards

2.    Electronic Goods

3.    Electrical Equipment

4.    Medical goods and instruments

5.    Jewelry

6.    Toiletries

7.    Beauty Products

8.    Boxes of food and other products


Hologram stickers help in brand protection and also serve as a tool for brand promotion. These are designed and created as per the customer’s specifications to promote brand image and its apparent value. These can be designed with additional security features which can also help in tracking and tracing the products.


Can hologram stickers be copied?

These stickers are designed and created as per client needs which means that every hologram sticker is unique. Printers used in creating these stickers are very costly and these are technologically advance which means they can’t be copied or reproduced which makes this technology create stickers exceptionally safe and secure to be used on the products.

Posted on 21st Oct, 2020