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Shrink Wrap - Economical and Secure Packaging Solution to Protect Items

Shrink Film is the foremost common sort of packaging available in today's world. It literally costs few pennies to guard items with shrink wrap. Plastic is particularly good at protecting items that get easily damaged during transit while handling or due to excessive moisture.

Shrink film also makes it very easy to handle things like CDs, cleaning supplies, water bottles, and cases during transportation and storage. Put the shrink labels around the items to have wrinkle-free packaging and secure them and protect them from unwanted damages.

Shrink film or heat shrink films are specially formulated plastic that shrinks when heat is applied. Shrink wrap film manufacturing involves a complex mixture of plastic beads with selective additives that promote the tendency of shrinking with the increase of temperature. Other additives that are also involved in the process of making are colors, UV inhibitors, flame retardants, etc.

This complex mixture is melted and pushed through an extruder to create the specific thickness and width and then it is brought close to normal temperature and rolled into a roll. Film quality is mapped by comparing the consistency of thickness of the film and performance of the wrapped film.

By modifying additives and thickness, manufacturers are able to produce different types of shrink films which are suitable for many product types. As a user, you can easily find shrink wrap suitable to your product needs like food-grade films for wrapping food products, water-resistant films for wrapping and storing complete machinery or its parts.

You can also put holographic shrink sleeves in securing bottles containing liquids which help in creating protection against leakage and counterfeiting. It all comes from the type of changes done in additives at the time of manufacturing. If you are looking for good quality shrink wrap then you should get in touch with good brands like PB Holotech India Pvt. Ltd. which is a well-known company for its holographic shrink labels and holographic shrink sleeves.


Types of Shrink Wrap Films

There are various kinds of plastic films available in the market that was referred to as shrink film. Generally, the wrap that is stretched around the product pallets is named shrink wrap but it actually stretches holding the products together tightly. On the contrary shrink film or heat shrink film start shrinking when they expose to a higher temperature or are being heated.


There are different types of shrink wrap available:

1. PVC Shrink Wrap Film

2. Polyolefin Shrink Wrap Film

3. Cross-Linked Polyolefin Shrink Wrap Film

4. Polyethylene Shrink Wrap Film



Finding the right shrink film for your product will not only augment the packaging experience but also ensures that your item will remain secure and damage free during storage, transportation, or sale.

These are extensively used in industries like beverages, food, dairy, paint, cosmetics, detergents, etc.

In comparison to boxes, it’s a cheaper alternative which also guards product against dust, moisture during transportation and handling. Shrink labels give wrinkle-free packaging and are suitable for all types of packaging.



Choose the right shrink film for your product that will give protection along with visual presentation and efficiency. Holographic shrink labels can have great artwork which can help in increasing the elegance of your product and can add stars to your branding in an affordable way.

Posted on 5th Dec, 2020