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Using security labels for preventing product counterfeiting

There is nothing more horrifying for a product manufacturer to find that his end users are not getting the original product that he is manufacturing. Basically, we are talking about the situation when the original products manufactured by a well-known and acclaimed manufacturer get exchanged with a duplicate and cheaper quality product. Some conmen who are usually the intermediaries in the supply chain make profits in the process through this unscrupulous means. On the other hand, both the manufacture and the customers suffer. If you are a manufacturer and your products are also getting counterfeited, you need security labels to prevent this from happening. Additionally, you need to follow these steps.

  • Segregate and systematize

You need to remember one important thing; the conmen are mostly attracted towards the most expensive products belonging to your product catalogue. On the other hand, the medium and low range products are least vulnerable towards getting counterfeited.

Basically, they think of earing greater profits by duplicating these products by making your customers pay the same hefty price and get cheap and low priced stuffs in return.

Thus, you need to evaluate and segregate those high end products in your product catalogue. Now talk to a reputed security labels manufacturer and arrange for higher security for these products.

  • Considering labels with VOID pattern

When you talk to your security labels manufacturer, he might propose you some labels that leave VOID pattern. Now your lack of experience about it might confuse you.

The conmen who manufacture fake drugs or products often fill up the original containers with these counterfeited products and seal them. If you choose labels with VOID pattern for these product containers, any attempt to break the labels will leave behind VOID pattern that is easily detectable.

Hence, your product cannot be counterfeited at all.

  • Considering holographic labels

Your security labels supplier might even ask you if you would prefer a holographic label for your needs. Perhaps, you might have seen this kind of label quite often, but do not know how it works.

Let us ask you to do something. Hold the label in clear light and turn it gently. You will be able to find either a print, or an image, or some texts in that silver coloured tiny square label.

For your further information, it is not at all possible to duplicate the contents present inside this label.

Hence, when you use this label in your product containers it will give your customers the guarantee that the product packed inside it is original.

  • Considering labels with traceable components

Some product manufacturers prefer using even higher end security labels for their highly sophisticated products. These labels come with embedded elements that cannot be detected with naked eyes.

As these elements can only be detected with the help of specialised machines so it is next to impossible to counterfeit products that come with these labels.

There is yet another advantage of using these kinds of labels. The labels are also able to identify the specific phase in a supply chain where an original product is getting duplicated and changed.

Posted on 25th May, 2020