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Advantages of Using Tea Bags

There is a debate that comes up all the time when people drink tea: which is better tea bags or loose tea. Whether in tea bag envelopes the aroma remains intact as it comes to while using loose tea leaves.

Tea bags are the standard rectangular-shaped bags full of tea leaves. At the top, they are either stitched or stapled attached with a string. At the end of the string, there is a hard tag which makes it handy to use. These bags are wrapped inside tea bag envelopes which enable them to retain the freshness and aroma within them for a longer duration of time.

Now moving back to the question, which is better tea bags or loose tea? Well, it is a matter of your personal choice, preference, and ease. Taste-wise both will give you equal taste. Whether you put loose tea in the kettle and bring it to boil or you just pour hot water on tea bag in your cup and let it dipped for few minutes. You will realize the aroma is almost same and you will experience equivalent enjoyment while drinking either of them.

How does tea bag work?

Tea leaves are finely cut and placed inside the tea bags which are later sealed in individual tea bag envelopes so that the best possible flavour and aroma is achieved while using each bag. The tea leaves inside bags are able to infuse quickly using all the sides of bag and will take only few minutes to get the drink ready.

Advantages of tea bags:

1. Convenient

The process of using tea bag is very easy and hassle-free as compared to the traditional method of using loose tea leaves.

Have you ever imagined getting yourself a cup of tea made from loose tea leaves while traveling? With the help of tea bag you can easily get yourself a cup of tea as you just need hot water, a tea bag and cup and your drink is ready to give you refreshment.

2. Easy to carry

You can carry tea bag envelopes anywhere and everywhere easily inside your bag, pocket, purse, wallet, etc. These can be placed easily and will not occupy much space. On the other hand, carrying loose tea leaves while traveling is a bit problematic.

3. Water Resistant

Tea bag envelopes are generally water resistant which makes them a perfect and preferred choice to be carried and used in all types of weather conditions but loose tea leaves are required to be placed in moisture free place.

4. Dust Resistant

Tea bags envelopes are dust resistant which makes tea bag inside them dust-free while if loose tea leaves are kept open then dust will go and settle on the tea leaves which cannot be separated.

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Posted on 12th May, 2021