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Materials Used for Labelling Successful Water Bottle Labels

Water bottle labels face quite ups & downs when it comes to quality maintenance. Be it condensation along with friction & product handling are to be considered while selecting a label material. It ensures that the professionally printed labels will increase the aesthetic nature and make it robust than ever before. In this particular article we would discuss in detail about some options like void stickers that are to be kept in mind while ordering pre-printed water proof labels.

Before we jump across towards varied option, let us concentrate on the basic construction of custom roll labels. It will become easy to understand and go ahead to select the correct select label materials. Custom labels typically comprises of five layers of materials.

  • The release is the base material where your die cut label peels off from.
  • The adhesive that comes in several varieties. They can be permanent or it can be removable or at times it can be repositionable.
  • Face stock is one such material that is printed on either the film or paper-based.
  • To create better label art-work solitary or numerous layers or ink are generally printed right on the face stock.
  • The finish is generally applied to the printed labels in order to protect the ink either from damage or visual interest of the design.

It is all in the material of the label-

While one goes ahead to select label material there are quite a few things you need to keep in mind like label design & budget. Below are some of the material options for advertisement shelf strip that are to be considered so that you get better and transparent ideas of what you are supposed to do with the respective water bottle labels.

White glossy labels-

It is quite popular amongst food & beverages, glossy water bottle labels can get printed on white films or it can curated on semi-gloss papers. Both the options work in tandem for water bottle labels. At the same time it is to be noted that semi-gloss paper are more in popularity since it is an affordable option. The print quality is much better and the overall quality & texture is refined.

A laminate is highly recommended for white glass labels to protect ink from further running. It maintains the integrity of the material from friction and product handling. White glossy labels are a good option if you are in need to label a lot of bottles or in requirement

Clear transparent labels-

Transparent water bottle labels are a nice fit for consumers. As the film material is durable and goes ideally well with clear bottles. They can also use to create 3D effect when back and front labels are applied.

Posted on 5th Feb, 2021