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Common printing methods used in corporate sector

Does a considerable part of your monthly expenses in the office go for printing and stationary?

Well, you are not an exception in this regard. To be honest, stationary is a recurring overhead expense in almost every business. You will further be amazed to know about the different techniques that different Printing Companies in India use for producing corporate products like brochures, leaflets, posters, etc. for their clients.

Here is a snapshot of some of these printing techniques. Read ahead.


  • Engraved printing

Engraved printing is the process in which the printing firms create an appeal on a paper surface that resembles that of engraved wood or metal.

This technique is considered as most unique of all because various sorts of surfaces can be printed by means of this technique.


  • Embossing

The uniqueness of this form of printing is that it creates embossed and somewhat raised and threedimensional text or image on the surface where printing is done.

For making embossed printing, two metal plates are used in which one is a printed one. The surface that needs to be printed is placed in between these two metal surfaces and pressed.


  • Digital printing

Digital printing is the most state of the art technique that is used for printing office stationaries. In this method, laser technique is used for creating images and texts on various surfaces.

Yet another distinctive feature of this technique is that four colours are primarily used for making several types of designs.

The images that are found in these digital printed are in the form of pixels, which are basically several dots that are closely placed. To form specific images and texts.

Digital printing is the technique that particularly dominates the corporate organizations these days.


  • Foil stamping

The next technique of printing that shall be discussed here is foil printing. In this method, foils containing texts, designs and images are made at the preliminary stage.

At the next stage, the designs on the foil are transferred onto the surface to be printed with the help of heat transfer technology.


  • Offset printing

Offset printing was the most popular form of printing technology in the corporate circle before the advent of newer printing techniques.

Simplest of printing method is used in this technique in which the image to be printed is developed on a paper, metal or rubber based surface.

Then this inked surface is pressed onto the surface where the imprints need to be made. Eventually, the print develops.

Even though this method is quite conventional in nature, it is also considered as most versatile. This is because it can be used to print all sorts of paper surfaces.

Posted on 1st Mar, 2020