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Know the Various Ways of Creating Hologram Stickers in Kolkata

Hologram Stickers in Kolkata

Hologram creation uses the interference pattern, which occurs when light coming from a stabilized laser meets its light bouncing back from the object it's illuminating. The key is to set up the laser, the object, and the recording film or plate in a way that captures the interference pattern. After that, it is needed to expose the object and film plate to the laser light and then develop the exposed film plate. The whole process can be completed in 3 minutes if it can be practiced enough. This creates interesting aesthetic patterns that are all the rage now. Many hologram companies in India do this.

It is a fun and easy way to advertise your packaging without making it look too gaudy or overdone. Many 3D Hologram Manufacturers in Kolkata make eye-catching, high-quality stickers and labels.

What makes someone the best in the industry?

Best Hologram labels in Kolkata are usually made by using a durable holographic film. Many color types are used to make the initial film. A primer layer of white ink called spot white underneath any color areas, intended to be opaque.

The most important part of the process used by leading hologram manufacturers in Kolkata is designing the labels. Areas that you want to be the raw holographic material should include absolutely no color. Any colors that you want to be holographic need to stay completely opaque. Also, black or white ink areas don't let the holographic material shine through.

Another important part is creating the spot white area. It gives an idea of which area you want to have holographed and which you don't. Companies who manufacture instant Hologram Stickers in Kolkata get this part of the process done very fast.

Steps in making a hologram sticker

While hologram Stickers are pretty attractive. They are an apt option for the all-out 3-D look. They require an elaborate process for preparation. They are cost-effective and extremely popular and hence produced in many places. Let us see how it is made:

●     The dot-matrix hologram equipment is used to create high-resolution holographic images. It can be anything, starting from a customized design or logo to any other sticker.

●     An electroforming system is used to get a nickel hologram master. Sometimes a no-ink printing package is used.

●     Then the hologram master is installed onto the hologram embossing equipment. This generates a hot press holographic image on a high-quality PET material.

●     The coating machine is prepared with silicone oil and adhesive, and the holographic paper is laminated with silicone paper.

●     A die-cut machine cut out stickers in a particular shape. This cutting process can be customized.

Hologram stickers in Kolkata are being increasingly used these days. They’re eye-catching and durable, making them the perfect option for an easy, hassle-free, and cost-effective labeling option.

Posted on 22nd Jul, 2021

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