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Know the Advantages of Using Sequential Stickers

Hologram Manufacturers in Kolkata

Hologram creation uses the interference pattern, occurring when the light coming from a stabilized laser meets its light bouncing back from the object it's illuminating. This creates interesting aesthetic patterns that are all the rage now. Many hologram companies in India do this.

Many 3D Hologram Manufacturers in Kolkata make eye-catching, high-quality stickers and labels. They are increasingly used in industries as a sequential sticker to mark the order of the goods as they are resistant to high temperatures and wear and tear.

It is usually used in printing essential information like company name, logo, consecutive serial numbers, and much more.

Know the advantages of sequential stickers in Kolkata

While there are many kinds of hologram stickers, the most common ones are 2-D & 3-D printed stickers. It contains several optical layers containing second exposure pictures that area units visually placed one behind another. It creates a visual depth and an effect that makes your logo stand out.

It is all the rage these days. So, let's look at why hologram stickers are so popular in India these days.

Guard your product with the best quality hologram stickers. It helps label the product for a specific company and protect them from misuse.

These stickers increase their visibility and self-appeal. They make a product stand out, thus increasing its visibility.

Sometimes certain self-help food or petrol stations secure and certify their unmanned card readers using hologram stickers.

They are used as sequential stickers in Kolkata that mark products in order of being produced.

Blank holographic stickers are used as seals or package closures by hologram manufacturers in Kolkata.

They are usually highly durable and resistant.

They are self-adhesive, strongly and immediately sticking, and tamper-proof, making them the perfect option for the industries. They are also used by Manufacturers of Security Labels in Kolkata.

They usually provide vibrant color to any sticker making it more presentable.

They protect against duplicity and fraud. If one sticker is used in a product, it is usually protected from being duplicated. Hence are the first choice for leading hologram manufacturers in Kolkata.

They destruct once removed and thus protect that they cannot be misused.

They are the most fitted to be used industrially by any hologram company in Kolkata. Why? Well, because they can withstand the constant wear and tear.

Hologram stickers in Kolkata are being increasingly used these days. They’re eye-catching and durable, making them the perfect option for an easy, hassle-free & cost-effective labeling option. Best Hologram labels in Kolkata are usually made by using a durable holographic film.

Posted on 28th Jul, 2021

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