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Two killer tips on economizing on printing cost

Printing can be considered as an integral part of almost every kind of business.

Even though the volume and nature of this printing can vary from business to business, some amount of investment in this area is mandatory for all.

Thus you have to keep aside some amount from your business capital for printing visiting cards, pamphlets, brochures, labels, and similar such items.

But if you are startup firm and wish to economize on this printing needs connected with your business, here are two killer tips that can be followed. So, start reading ahead.


  • Know where the money goes

Whether novice or experienced, most often business end up spending more on printing costs than what they have estimated.

In this regard, the reputed Printing Companies in India suggest that majority of the business do not know where their money goes when they are supposed to get some printing jobs done.

These companies elaborate further on this by suggesting that this cost can be divided into visible cost and hidden cost. You can always see and feel all those printing works that fall under visible cost and make an estimation of the amount you can invest and the amount that you can save.

But amusingly, hidden costs are really critical to understand. This segment includes all the money that gets drained out when the professionals end up spending hours in sorting out your printing related problems, or maintenance of printing inventory and stocks.

Therefore, you have to find out the hidden printing costs of your business and calculate the loss you are making during these unproductive hours. Then it will always be easier to make some effective strategies.


  • Conduct auditing of in house machineries

There is yet another area where your business capital gets drained out in the process of meeting your printing requirements. It is connected with unplanned use of your printing machineries.

Now, let us elaborate on this a bit. Basically, the fleet of printing machines present in almost every organization is not used optimally.

This means, the number of prints that you make from your in-house printers is always lesser than the volume that they can handle. Hence, these machines always remain under-utilized. As a result, they prove incapable of giving optimum returns on the money that you have invested in purchasing them.

Therefore, you can conclude that this is the second area which needs serious attention when you wish to cut down printing related costs. This can only be done if you perform a detailed auditing of all the printing machineries that you have in your firm and then getting accurate information on the volume they can handle.

Now you are supposed to reschedule your workloads for each of the machines as per rgis calculation.

Posted on 14th Nov, 2019