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Applying Labels for Glass Bottles and Plastic Bottles an Analysis

It might seem silly to sing the praise of a piece of packing, but bottles have allowed us to enjoy some of our favourite products. Be it from craft beer to condiments or cosmetics, bottles make it convenient to use, store, share, display, sell & buy the products we swear by.

Bottles do not just help us with the fun stuff. They protect us from dangerous chemicals & keep the medications safe. Despite all that they do for us, however, bottles do have few oddities that need to be addressed while choosing labels & label materials.

Each bottle holds the key-

Most of the bottles are rounded & often with sloping sides & curves. At the same time, the surface is often shiny & very much sleek. These issues mean an affordable & cheerful sticker will just not do while choosing the best level for a glass bottle or the best label for a plastic bottle. A knowledgeable & experienced custom label printer understands that each & every bottle holds the key & it is different.

Materials used-

The material that is used adhesive & label shape for your brand's glass or plastic bottle.  A knowledgeable & experienced custom label printer gets an understanding that every bottle is different, if not design then it is purpose.

The printer will lead you through series of questions that allows them to determine the best bottle label printing material along with adhesive & label shape for the brand's glass or plastic bottle. What about the result? A label will look good & perform the way you need it to. What kind of surface do we work it? From a design & usability standpoint there are both advantages & disadvantages of choosing glass bottles over plastic or vice-versa for instance glass generally imparts an air of upscale quality.

  • Plastic is squeezable & this usually helps customers get the last drop of their favourite barbeque sauce.
  • There is some good news to it. No matter what type of bottle you decided works best for the product.
  • An experienced custom label sticker for printing organization will work in tandem with you to create a label that is tailored.
  • One factor your label printer will account for is future flexibility.
  • Glass is rigid while most of the plastic has some give to it.
  • If flexibility is important the label printer will help to choose a label material that withstands the point of freezing & squeezing with ripping or crinkling.

Generally speaking, synthetic film labels are more flexible than paper labels. On the other hand paper labels or void, sticker performs well & look great on hard glass bottles. The application surface plays into the choice of adhesive. The sticky substance keeps your label in place.

Posted on 26th Jun, 2021