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What are Self Adhesive Labels? Why are They in Demand?

Self adhesive labels as the name suggests are self-adhesive because the adhesive present in the labels is sufficient enough to allow it to create a bond and stick to the surfaces on which they are pasted. Self adhesive labels are also called pressure-sensitive labels that are made of three layers:

  • A release liner or known as backing paper
  • Layer of adhesive
  • The face material


Release liner-

It is commonly made up of paper and coated with silicone on one side. Sometimes plastics are also used as release liners where heavy applicator machines are used to apply labels at high speed. Self adhesive label manufacturers prefer plastics as the release liner material as they do not tear or break away easily.


Layer of adhesive-

There are different kinds of adhesives that are used for all kinds of adhesive labels. They include hot melt, acrylic, permanent, removable, and special adhesives. The majorities of self-adhesive labels use water-based acrylic. They are permanent and waterproof & are highly preferable.


Face material-

It becomes very important when it comes to choosing face material. Choice of face material completely depends upon the industry and purpose. Some of the common face materials that self adhesive label Manufacturers use are paper, polypropylene, polyester, vinyl, and polyethylene.


Importance of self-adhesive labels

Self-adhesive labels have a number of benefits for packaging purposes. Some of them are listed below.


  • Time-effective:

Self-adhesive labels are very easy to manufacture and do not need too much of expertise. Self-adhesive labels are even very easily applied by hands and are perfectly apt for manual application.  It does not take too much time to be processed and applied. Hence they save time and do not require too much of manual labour.


  • Cost-effective:

Manufacturing of Self-adhesive label is really a very cost-effective option as it cuts the cost of applicator machines as these labels can be easily applied with hands. In addition to that these labels do not involve too much of production cost. This particular characteristic is very much beneficial for small startups who cannot afford much to spend on machinery. Therefore self-adhesive labels are pocket friendly in every way.


  • Durable & long-lasting:

Self-adhesive labels are long-lasting as they are designed as such that makes them water-resistant, oil-resistant, and cannot be tampered with easily. Self-adhesive labels come along with a very good quality adhesive that forms a strong bond to the surfaces they are applied to.


  • Easy to apply:

This is one of the biggest advantages of self-adhesive labels that they can be even applied manually on the surfaces they are destined to. They simply peel off the protective backing liner and sticks right on the surfaces with a little pressure application.


  • Enhances Self-appeal:

Self-adhesive labels are very strong effective tools for marketing a product. The labels for products should be designed with eye-catchy designs to give a vibrant look to the products. It also creates a sense of genuine presence of the product in the minds of the public. Hence label manufacturers make sure that the label they create are capable of appeasing the public as far as the product is concerned.


Posted on 28th Nov, 2020