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Things you need to know about security labels

If you are concerned about the security of your packaged merchandize in transit, you need security label.

In case you are coming across this term for the first time, you will surely wish to know in details about it. Here are some essential details about security labels for your reference. Take a look.


Understanding what is security label


Security label is basically a specialized form of adhesive tape that serves the dual purpose of sealing cartons and making them secured simultaneously.

This is possible because these adhesive tapes have pressure sensitive attributes that offer effective resistance against tampering.  Hence, it ensures that your transported merchandize will stay protected against shipping losses and eventual chances of adulteration.


Products that need this type of labeling


These security labels are mostly used for extremely vital and high security goods that are prone to vandalism or theft. Portable and openly accessible merchandize that have high monetary value or security significance are also sealed with these security adhesive labels.

Similarly, merchandize that are of high internal security significance for the organization are also sealed with these specialized labels.

In addition, goods that have minimum insurance value or have compliance issues in regulated environments are also sealed with these labels.


Dimension of product that can be sealed with these tapes


There are definitely some specific types of products that can be sealed and protected with security label.

Nevertheless, there are no hard and fast regulations on the specific dimension of merchandize on which they can be used.

Thus, while on one hand these labels work fine in sealing and providing security to small sized merchandize like bottles and cartoons, on the other hand they are equally effective for big sized corrugated boxes and shipping containers.


Visual appearance of these labels


At an apparent glance, you will not be able to detect any difference between the ordinary adhesive tapes and security labels.

This is deliberately done by the manufacturers to hide the confidentiality and sensitiveness of the goods that are sealed and secured with these labels.

However, some of the variants of security adhesive tapes might come with prominent colors as per the request of the end users. Some of these labels may also come with customized high resolution and high impact images imprinted on them.


Significance of these labels


A security label serves as one line of protection of the broader security system, and its purpose is to strengthen the security of highly confidential goods.  These labels are also used for giving short term protection of leased goods.

Some of the special variants of these labels also prove significant in retrieving lost goods that have been sealed and secured by these labels.

Moreover, when stolen goods tagged with security label gets tracked and found, the person responsible for misplacing it can also be fined and prosecuted under charges of theft.

Posted on 26th Mar, 2019