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Beverage Tag Materials for Tea and Coffee Bags: A Detail Study

When you are thinking of tagging strategies for your coffee or tea brands, the ideal labelling material for the purpose depends on overall packaging concept. It is to be noted that custom beverage tags or cans will be quite different from the tags attached.

Materials that befit the product-

Custom tea tags along with other beverage tags should not only fit the containers the brand uses but should express the company’s style. The overall material and the finish choice will be very much essential in completing this impression. Here in this article, we will discuss a few options on tea bags and tea bag envelops you have while deciding what to create your custom tag out of.

Clear, Chrome or it can be white BOPP-

It is to be noted the polypropylene material is a hard tag and is designed to resist oil and also water. It allows one to create label opulent branded imagery. Clear labels can allow a great view of the respective contents in a glass or plastic. Chrome label shines in light adds a classy touch. White labels are more like a blank slate and it will help you to lead with coloured and branded imagery along with logos and text.

Estate No.9 Paper labels-

It is to be noted that if your products are sold in a dry form such as that of coffee beans or tea bags, all you can do is estate no.9 labels. What it does is, it adds a textured and dignified look. All these IMA tea bags are ideal to help your product fit rightfully with other gourmet beverage along with foods.

Eco- Friendly tags-

There is more than one eco friendly tag material available. For instance, bio stone labels are manufactured from that of stone with no trees. All recycled materials include that Kraft paper. Vellum is also good for the ambience.

Getting the right tag for coffee and tea product is quite easy when you have some lighting labels right on your side. It offers numerous materials along with finishes that generally suit the need of the brand. At times the tea tag uses an all-digital printing process that enables a very quick turnaround and the overhead cost is also very less.

Whether you are creating the ready to drink beverages or to be sold in supermarkets your tags are sure to define your company.

Posted on 20th Feb, 2021