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Perfect Liquor Labels for Increasing the Aesthetic Look of Your Products

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With time the competition in the beverage industry has touched the sky and it makes very important for manufacturers to set up a distinguished identity of their product so that their product stand out on store shelves. To grab customer attention, businesses are taking help from liquor label manufacturers and are using artistic labels, modern, sleek designs and various colour schemes. Packaging and branding are very important aspects and are more critical than ever.

Every label is different and has its own aesthetic and functional requirement. In this article, we focus on liquor bottle label printing and will understand specifications that require to focus to get the desired look and feel of the end product.

Liquors are made from the alcoholic fermentation of fruits, vegetables and grains. There are many kinds of liquors available in the market like vodka, rum, whisky etc. With numerous brands available in the market it becomes very important to create a perfect liquor label and get aesthetic appeal you can always count on. Labelling and packaging are important marketing tools and are the brand’s first best advertisement for the customer.

Here are few tips which can help in creating an effective perfect liquor label.


Colour plays important role as it’s the first thing that draws a customer’s attention towards the product. It is important to choose a colour that is bright and bold. An eye-catching colour combined with a great work of art and creativity will help to create a perfect label.

Design label as per bottle size and shape

Size and shape are key elements that need to be considered while designing the label. Small labels possibly would not be having sufficient space to carry all vital information and design and may look odd. On the other hand, oversized labels can look awkward and can impact adversely on your product image.

Know your material

Material is an important element for custom label printing. For a glass bottle, a label with clear backing is preferred while for plastic bottles a label with a matte finish looks amazing.

Be clear and concise description

Invest time to design creative, clear and concise descriptions on labels which motivates customers to buy products and simultaneously display all the vital information about the product.

Design label as per target customers

Customize and design your labels as per target customer, their liking and taste.

You may create the best liquor in the world but if people will not notice it, not buy it then it will not let you make money so it is better to invest time and energy and design perfect high quality liquor label. Get in touch with the best, renowned and trusted liquor label manufacturers and take advice from their team of trained professionals and experts. If you want people to fall in love with your product and brand than first impress them with your perfectly designed labels.

Posted on 4th Jul, 2023

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