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Three types of Self Adhesive Label

The significance of a label is immense for the product manufacturer as well as for the end-users. Actually, the label gives the authenticity that the original products that have been manufactured by the product manufacturer will reach the end users. On the other hand, a glance at the label gives the end users the assurance that they are getting the right products that they paid for.

However, all said and done, as a product manufacturer you have to be specific about the type 0f Self Adhesive Label that will suit your equirements ideally.

Now you might be surprised at this instruction because you might have thought that there is only one category of label by the name Self Adhesive Label that comes with a sticky adhesive backing. All you need to do is to peel off the sticker on top of this adhesive surface and fix it on the surface of the product container by means of some pressure.

Well, we must say that this is your general idea about the functionality of these labels. But there are definitely some varieties under this category of security labels. Here they are:

  • Hot melting adhesive based labels

    As the name suggests, these self-adhesive labels are sensitive to heat and tend to melt away. Basically, a special kind of rubber is used as adhesive for these labels. These labels are equally sensitive to the UV rays of the sun.

    But they are perfect for non-smooth surfaces where they get stuck effortlessly and remain as it is if exposure to UV rays and heat could be avoided.
  • Acrylic adhesive based labels

    The major constituent that makes the adhesive for this kind of Self Adhesive Label is acrylic. Hence, unlike the rubber based adhesive labels, they are not sensitive to UV rays or heat.

    In addition, these acrylic adhesives are not as soft as that of rubber based adhesives either. These adhesive labels are not very effective for rough surfaces like that of cardboard too.

    Nonetheless, these acrylic adhesive based labels are very effective for smooth surfaces like that of the surfaces of cosmetic, medicine and toiletries bottles and containers.

    There is yet another advantage of this variety of self-adhesive labels. The hard constituency of the adhesive present in these labels make them easy to apply by putting slight pressure
    on their surface.
  • Removable adhesive labels

    There is a third kind of adhesive label that comes with removable adhesive.

    The functional feature of this adhesive label is that it remains firmly stuck onto the surface where it is applied through light pressure. However, the adhesive grip of these labels is not as firm as that of the other two varieties of labels.

    Again, yet another feature of this category of labels is that their adhesive quality depends is sensitive to heat and quality of surface on which they are applied.

Posted on 24th Apr, 2020