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Customised icecream cone sleeves – Benefits for Business

Especially in summer, everyone from kids to old age is excited to have ice cream. This delicious summer delight is available in a variety of amazing flavours and people from all age groups are fond of having it. To grab the quick attention of your customers for your ice cream you can play with the packaging by making it more appealing and attractive. Icecream cone sleeves are the best way which you can add to your ice cream to provide an easy eating experience to your customers simultaneously give a protection layer to your delicate ice cream. The expansion of the food industry is playing a vital role in launching new flavoured ice creams through which more customers can be attracted. Cones are becoming popular as they are easily edible and give easiness to customers to handle ice creams while eating. Icecream cone sleeves give protection to your ice cream and help you to emerge as brand and make a space in the heart of your customers.

 You give uniqueness to the look and feel of your ice cream you can customize and design these conical sleeves in various shapes and styles. Customization of icecream cone sleeves will allow you to experiment with prints and colours and make them enthralling and attractive. You can use this as a branding tool by incorporating logo, name, and other relevant information. You can give eye-catching look by adding interesting add-ons such as die cuttings, embossing, and debossing. Use matte or glossy coatings to give amazing finishing to customized cone sleeves.

Types Of Icecream Cone Sleeves

Dipping is a major issue that is generally faced by customers. Different manufactures use various kinds of material to prepare them. These cones are generally made of:

  1. Kraft Paper
  2. Plastic
  3. Aluminum foil

Kraft paper is s considered as best material for making cones.

Material used on cone sleeves

To make cone sleeves anodized paper coating is used. This paper is durable and has excellent strength and can resist force or pressure applied to it. One of the best quality of icecream cone sleeves is that it keeps the ice cream safe, fresh, and handy.

The paper used in cone sleeves prevents ice cream to melt and is also eco-friendly. The material used in making cones is easily recyclable which helps in maintaining environment.

Wide range of colors

There are generally 2 color models available in market which are CMYK and PMS. Selection of either colour type can be done based on printing budget. PMS is generally used for digital printing and CMYK for offset printing.

In conclusion, if you want to make your ice cream brand stand out then custom printed cone sleeves are undoubtedly a preferred option. To get good quality cones for your ice cream you can get in touch with label manufacturer or sticker manufacturer. One renowned name in industry for providing good quality icecream cone sleeves is PB Holotech.

Posted on 22nd Jun, 2021