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How Void Labels can Keep your Brand Safe a Detailed Study

The void label has a scientific name, the anti-counterfeiting mark that is also defined as an anti-counterfeiting trademark. In simple words void stickers, anti-counterfeiting mark generally gets pasted or printed & are transformed right into the surface of the label or it can be the packing of the label right on the attachment of the label.

Void label of void stickers in details-

Anti-counterfeiting characteristics of void stickers along with the identification process are the key to void labels. It is a particular method of avoiding copying or imitating activities with the intention of fraud without any given permission of the respective owner. The process covers a whole lot of things. Be it medicines along with other health product, food and non-staple food. It is also related to clothing or it can be shoe leather and at times seeds. There are products like agricultural materials & auto parts.

Classification of anti-counterfeiting labels-

It is further classified into scratch off., lift off and it is also classified into peel off. The serial number of it can be voice or query. These void labels have a few advantages and here we will discuss mainly on few of these advantages. Firstly to avoid any sort of confusion relating to fake or inferior product companies generally manufacture void labels for the products. More importantly, it guarantees customer rights. Customers generally identify anti-counterfeiting void stickers and if they find across any sort of problem there are high chances of avoiding it.

The label reflects sense of responsibility-

The labels reflect a sense of responsibility along with a few emotions. These anti-counterfeiting labels provide great help for hot sale products but it generally improves the awareness relating to customer protection and relating to rights and interest.

Customer reaction is the key-

They effectively impact counterfeit along with shoddy products. Though customers cannot always judge if the respective product is shoddy or not. Companies generally handle products through void labels and the cost of these anti-counterfeiting labels is not that high. In view, the company seems to have a detailed number of every product.

What it does, makes things easier to handle. In addition to anti-counterfeiting labels or void stickers that we have mentioned above, there are many functionalities. It plays a vital role in making a brand stand out in the competition. We will discuss more it in the days to come and in our upcoming blogs.

Posted on 12th Apr, 2021