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Labels Stickers

Labels are the first communicators of a company, its brand image, the product’s personality. Hence, it is important that a label should be very effective and powerful. We, at PB HOLOTECH INDIA. PVT. LTD., not just make labels but an identity that will effectively reflect your brand to the customers and protect it from tampering and counterfeiting.

Security Features:
  • Security labels – Holographic strip or full transferred holography
  • Inks – Thermo-chromic, Conductive, Ph reactive &Colour changing
  • UV
  • Thermal/laser/ink-jet
  • 2D/QR barcodes
  • Printing
  • Holography & printing
  • We provide up to 8 colour printing
Different kinds of Labels:
  • FMCG Labels
  • Pharmaceutical labels
  • Label on label
  • Automotive Labels
  • High-security labels
  • In-mould labels
  • Lubricant labels
  • Tyvek Label
  • Beer Labels
  • Tags
  • Apparel Tags
  • Scratch Label
  • Educational Certificates
  • Holographic Scratch
  • Paper
  • Breakable Vinyl
  • Transparent
  • Adhesive Side Printing
  • Tyvek (Non-Tearable)
  • Scratch Labels
  • Fiber Paper Labels
  • In-mould Labels