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PB Holotech India. Pvt. Ltd. - Your Perfect Partner in Plastic Bottle Stickers and Label Printing Services

PB Holotech is one of the most renowned and trustworthy manufacturers of holograms, security labels, stickers and packaging products.  If the case of label stickers is considered, they are the first communicators of a company or even the product. Hence it is very necessary for the labels to be very effective and powerful. PB Holotech not only simply makes labels but an identity that will effectively reflect your brand to the customers and protect it from tampering and getting spoiled.

PB Holotech specialises in hologram printing, self-adhesive labels, heat transfer and in mould labels and label stickers which caters to one of the highly demanding category i.e. plastic bottle sticker. Let’s find out more why PB Holotech is one of the most trusted partners in plastic bottle sticker label printing.


  1. At PB Holotech we offer you countless options for designs, materials and colours used in bottle label printing.
  2. We offer sticker labels in any size as per the bottle’s shape owing to the large press capabilities.
  3. Our stickers are eye-catching with attractive colours and premium look hence has a significantly longer recall value.
  4. Graphics on pressure-sensitive labels are of high quality as we offer the latest technology in plastic bottle sticker and sticker printing process.
  5. The labels and plastic bottle stickers manufactured at PB Holotech are easy to apply and can be even applied manually and also with the help of machines for precise placement.
  6. We as bottle label manufacturer design labels of premium quality that are flexible, durable and attractive. The material used for labels and stickers are waterproof, scratch-resistant, dust resistant and tamper-free.
  7. We also have the option for eye-popping best custom sticker and label design options present as per your need and demand.
  8. Last but not the least the services of plastic bottle stickers and labels we offer are available at a pocket friendly and cost-effective rate.


Regardless of your product or industry the need of high-quality labels are very necessary because they provide a brand identity to your product as well as accurate information about the product. So it becomes very important for your products to be properly labelled to establish your product in the market. Every manufacturer must focus on their labelling part and make sure that they make a label that speaks about their brand and product. An attractive label will enable customers to find or trace your products from the crowded presence of other products. Also, make sure that the labels your label manufacturer designs must be of superior quality and resistant to all kind of adverse conditions. Therefore we at PB Holotech enhance your brand and product identity by blending technology with our design expertise. PB Holotech is the leading label manufacturer and stickers in Eastern India for plastic bottles, utensils, cosmetic containers etc.

Posted on 19th Dec, 2020