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Design Tips for Stunning Product Labels for Authenticity of Your Products

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When you just have seconds to command consumer’s attention, holographic labels allow you the means to keep all eyes on the product. Holographic label materials are an increasingly popular packing choice for good reason. These shimmering substrates add by a hologram company in India adds a lot of dimension and a whole new dimension for craft beer and specialty food and other products in need of visual spark. Let us break down what is going into a holographic label and what you need to get the most out of your packaging.

What are holographic labels?

The name holographic label comes directly from the iridescent effect these labels have on your packing. The labels for hologram stickers in Kolkata are made with special films and it creates a rainbow like effect that allows your design to shimmer. Ink is generally printed on the holographic label material and is protected with a laminate to protect your design. This generally helps you protect the labels from scuffs along water and other potential hazards.

It is important to note that there is difference between holographic labels and holographic stickers. Security holograms are a sticker made with serial numbers or logos. Hologram labels are hard to counterfeit and thereby brands can use them to show authenticity and ensure original product protection. A holographic label simply refers to holographic effect of the respective material that the artwork is oriented onto.

Holographic label design tips-

A good holographic label is a great way to appeal attention. However these materials can pose some promotional design challenges that can create impact the overall look of the label. Here are some key consideration to help to make you holographic label captivate your consumers and make your brands stand out.

Give the holographic label material to shine-

When you have something as stunning as a holographic label material!! It is important to think about empty space. Empty spaces on your design allow the holographic effect to shine through without any obstruction from ink or other printed elements.

That empty space could be the entirely of your label that is not covered with printed details like the logo and text. Empty spaces within design elements can also allow a certain aspects of your design to pop out to customers! Both routes will certainly attract attention. Make sure you give the best hologram labels in Kolkata in the space it needs to show its magic.

Avoid additional gradients-

White color transitions are visually appealing there can be too much of good thing. To be honest holographic label materials already add that color shifting rainbow effect to your packaging. Adding a gradient will only jumble up the color transition of your label even further?

Instant hologram stickers in India can add plenty of glitz and add a glam to the packaging whether you need a stunning can wrap or some other product label.

Posted on 12th Jul, 2021

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