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Reasons why in mould labels score over their traditional counterparts

Have you ever come across the term called in mould label? If your answer is no then for your information, this is the kind of labeling that you often see in different product containers and bottles.

Basically, this is a kind of polypropylene label that is pre-printed on the product containers during their manufacturing processes.  Thus, the label cannot be separated from the container in any condition as it literally becomes an integral part of the container.

There are various reasons why product manufacturers are choosing the innovative In Mould Labels instead of the traditional variants of labels. Some of the cardinal reasons have been presented here. Watch out!

High quality brand promotion

The vital purpose of labeling is to give detailed information of the product present in the container, its manufacturing date, expiry date and other such essential information. 

There is yet another purpose that is served effectively by labels. This function is to promote the product manufacturing company. Here the role of these In Mould Labels is incomparable because they offer high resolution images that can instantly grab the attention of the targeted customers. 

Tackles wear and tear effectively

If you compare ordinary paper or plastic label with that of in mould label then you will find that the former option cannot withstand too  much of wear and tear. These traditional labels tend to develop crinkles when exposed to extensive wear and tear. As a result, the colors and images present in these labels also get deteriorated.

But as the in mould label is directly printed on the containers so it has greater resistance against wear and tear. Eventually, it remains looking new for a longer time.

Humidity resistant

A remarkable quality of in mould label is that it that it has great resistance against moisture and humidity.

In a condition where exposure to water vapor or humidity might wash away the prints in a traditional label and make the entire labeling material sloppy, the in mould label remains as it is.

This makes it a great labeling option for containers of edible and perishable products that need to be refrigerated to keep them fresh for longer span.

Environment friendly option

Using the in mould labels means that you are supporting the notion of sustainability. The first reason behind this is, unlike plastic labels they do not lead to any carbon emission during their manufacturing process.

Secondly, like paper based labels you do not have to be harsh towards the natural greenery and forestry in order to produce these labels.

Thirdly, you do not have to waste energy in manufacturing labels and containers separately as both of them are manufactured at the same time and through the same manufacturing process.  Thus, it is undeniable that there can be nothing more environment friendly than these labels. 

Posted on 27th Feb, 2019