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Ways of Selecting The Perfect In Mould Label Manufacturing Process For a Product

In-mould labelling is a significant process in which a respective manufacturer places are particular pre-printed polypropylene label in the mould packaging. Thereby when the mould allows shape for plastic packaging it adds label to the package. The mould allows shape to the end product. After the curing time is over packing along with labelling becomes a single product. There are few methods of packaging that in mould label manufacturers adopt. Read on the article & learn more about it.


1. Injection moulding-

  1. It is the most common form of moulding that is being used industrially.
  2. During this particular process the respective manufacturers inject heated along with liquefied plastic or respective polymers in a mould.
  3. The mould does have a miniature hole or an opening through which the injection takes place.
  4. After the injection is driven through the mould cools down and the plastic takes its shape.
  5. This is one of the approach through which lot of plastic containers are made.
  6. To be honest butter and ice-cream tubs are quite common example of products that make use of injection moulding.


2. Blow moulding-

  1. Blow moulds are used for hollow plastic parts. This is a particular process in which manufacturers stretches the heated plastic mass to take shape of a mould. As per records blow moulding is a very old process. Glass bottles were the first to have applied this process and hence even today plastic bottles are making use of it.
  2. The hollow tube is captured in the mould and then air is blow in the hollow tube. The exterior wall of the mould will contain polypropylene sheet that has the labelling printed on it. As the respective plastic cools down the particular labelling gets infused in the mould.


3. Thermoforming-

  1. It is a process which is slightly different that the other couple of process that we have already discussed. The plastic is not completely melted here. Manufacturers make use of heated plastic sheets for the process. They make use of a forming tool that allows the plastic sheet the form of container.
  2. Here during the process of formation. The pre-printed in mould labels accompany the plastic sheet. The respective heated sheets are stamped on a mould & during this stage the particular printed label and plastic sheet binds together.
  3. As per the advantages are concerned in mould labelling has maximum coverage and is wear resistance and are completely environmentally friendly. If one is changing the packaging label there no extra cost is incurred.



In mould labels is a very low way to manufacturer label containers in a quick manner. The labelling is resistant to wear & tear and it is totally waterproof. It makes it a great option for creating labels for containers that are made from mould.

Posted on 30th Jan, 2021