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Creative birthday box wrapping ideas

Is the birthday of your best friend just round the corner? You might have saved your pocket money to buy a great gift for your best friend, but the manner in which you wrap the gift also holds considerable significance.


The wrapping should be done very precisely so that it stands apart from all the gifts that your friend gets on his birthday.


Here are some ideas you can consider. Check out!


Idea 1: Get a custom printed wrapper


There is nothing more appreciable than a flashy wrapper that is perfectly tailored to express just the type of message you want to convey to your best friend.


Basically, you need to talk to custom printing service providers for the purpose.


Besides the textual message on the wrapper, you can also talk to them about the possibilities of your specified colour scheme, design layout and other nitty gritty too.


Idea 2: Make your own wrapper


If you have an artist inside you, the gift wrapper of your friend’s birthday gift is the best place to reflect it.


All that you have to do for the purpose is to go to the store and get yourself some handmade papers, colours and brushes for the purpose.


Now scribble down whatever you want to on this handmade paper and use colour palette of your choice to fill in colour to the masterpiece that you create for tour friend.


Since your love and fondness are involved in the process so the resultant effect will surely be appreciated by your best friend.


Idea 3:  Turn scrap into creativity


You can further surprise your best friend by making a gift wrapper all by yourself from disposed off newspapers, paper cuttings and similar things.


Join these paper scraps together by means of transparent adhesive tape. Once ready, use your own imagination along with colours, pencils, sketch pens and brushes to make mesmerizing designs and motifs on it.


When done, the artwork is ready to be used as a gift wrapper. Now use it to wrap your gift.


Idea 4:  Box with a difference


If you are not much interested about those boring boxes with paper wrappers, here is yet another idea that you can really tap.


Investigate your wardrobe for some disposed off dresses and clothing of yours that are made from beautiful fabrics like handmade raw silk, handmade cotton, brocade, taffeta, and so on.


Now cut the collected fabric samples into asymmetrical shapes and then sew them together. When you finally manage to develop a bigger sized fabric with all the sewn pieces, use it in the form of your gift wrapper.


Finish of your masterpiece creation by making one or two big fabric rose and then affix on top of the box. Your friend will remain dumb stuck at this surprise. 

Posted on 22nd Jul, 2019