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Thermoforming IML

Thermoforming IML

What is thermoforming?
Thermoforming is a technique used for the production of rigid plastic packaging. The process is based on the heating of a thermoplastic sheet, allowing the sheet to take the shape of a forming tool. When the plastic cools down it solidifies into the shape of the forming tool. Thermoforming is often used to produce barrier packages. In this case, multi-layer sheets are converted into light barrier and oxygen barrier package.

What is thermoforming IML?
Thermoforming IML means that the decoration of the product takes place during the thermoforming process. The IML label being inserted in the forming tool prior forming is fused with the heated plastic sheet while forming the finished package. The end result is a decorated packaging part, produced in one step.

Who do you need?
To perform thermoforming IML, the involvement of the following partners is required:
  • the thermoforming machine partner
  • the thermoforming mould maker
  • the IML automation partner
  • the sheet / reel supplier
  • the IML label supplier

Thermoforming IML: a new IML technology?
Until recently, two market segments applied IML: injection moulding (IML-I) and blow moulding (IML-B). With the introduction of a specially designed IML label, we can add a third segment: IML-T or in mould labelling for thermoformed packaging. In close cooperation with our film suppliers we have developed films that meet the specific requirements of the thermoforming process: the low temperature and the forming pressure at which the label has to melt together with the packaging without the occurrence of bubbles or a defective seam. Furthermore, the product has to end up with a look that is similar to the quality obtained with IML-I or IML-B package, and that is precisely what our IML-T labels offer.