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Top Hologram Manufacturers in India

We, at PB Holotech, are one of the leading hologram manufacturers and can offer latest and modern holography solutions to your business with our advanced and upgraded hologram printer. Create a world without counterfeit and duplicate products and enhance your brands with an innovative and unique image with us. So, if you are looking for a top-quality hologram sticker or hologram label manufacturer in India, we are the name to rely on.

Cases of counterfeiting and duplicity greet us almost every morning with the newspaper and every night with the news. Building Brand equity involves careful nurturing and strict protection of one’s Brand. A moment’s loss of concentration or a single false step can invite unscrupulous elements to perform their mischievous act. Brand protection is increasingly forming an integral part of the sales and marketing policy of major brand owners.


In today’s competitive world, when several different brands compete with each other in the market place for the consumer’s patronage, the main concern of any producer/ manufacturer of a branded product would obviously be to protect his brand against the threat of cheap and spurious duplicates, imitations and look- alike as well as his market share. This is where the security hologram comes in, providing that extra protection a brand will need right from the time of its launch.



  • Holograms are tailor-made picture made with a Hologram printer using a technology with optics to create a three dimensional image on a two dimensional surface.
  • Holograms protect the branded products against duplicators and also acts as a highly effective promotion too.
  • Hologram can be affixed on any surface as stickers. Once affixed, they cannot be removed or peeled off without destroying the hologram itself.
  • Holograms cannot be DUPLICATED-because :
    • They are technically highly sophisticated.
    • Hologram manufacturers are registered with HOMAI [Holograms Manufacturers Association of India] against duplication and piracy.
    • Each design / master is automatically registered with HOMAI, again for the same reason.
    • Once affixed holograms cannot be tampered and any such attempt is easily visible.


  • Products with holograms have much higher recall value
  • Consumers feel assured that the products is genuine
  • Stops duplication of products.
  • Acts as a Promotional tool.


  • Impossible to put down, Visual Magic.
  • Eye catching : hence has a significantly longer recall value.
  • People tend to preserve business cards with holograms


  • Once you invest in holograms you will find your sales figure zooming, as duplicates would be driven out of your market. It will also stop future duplication.
  • As holograms increases brand value, you will also be able to attract consumers from other brands.
  • It gives your products a seal of authenticity and increases the goodwill of your company.