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Things you needed to know about BOPP tapes

Are you new in the packaging industry and hearing the term BOPP tapes for the first time? Let us tell you that it is something you have come across a number of times in your lifetime.

Basically, if you randomly look at the packed cardboard boxes, you will be able to see that they have been sealed with some adhesive tapes. This is exactly what is called the BOPP tape.

Now you may have some more questions about BOPP tapes. Here is a brief FAQ for the purpose. Watch out!


  • What is the full form of BOPP tape

 The full form of BOPP is Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene.  This is basically a specific form of acrylic coated adhesive tape that is used for sealing cartons.  These tapes work effectively for meeting the requirements of both medium as well as heavy duty packaging purposes.


  • Do these tapes come in various varieties?

As already explained, these tapes prove effective in sealing cartons of different types. Hence, from here it emerges that BOPP tapes come in different thicknesses and different densities of micron coatings. 

As far as the aesthetic appeal of these tapes is concerned, you will get transparent tapes as well as tapes that come in different colors. 

You can also get a customized variety of BOPP tape that comes with the name of a particular company or the company logo imprinted on it.


  • What specific feature makes this type of tape ideal for heavy duty packaging?

The most vital characteristic of this tape is its thinness in spite of its intense strength.  Secondly, being a thermoplastic material, it becomes amazingly malleable at a certain temperature but retains its original shape and form when cooled.

Thirdly, it has biaxial properties and can be conveniently stretched from both the sides. Here it needs mentioning that stretching the BOPP adhesive tape makes it even stronger and become even clearer.

Last but not the least, this adhesive tape is greatly preferred due to its high tensile strength which makes it ideal for fulfilling different packaging needs.


  • What do I first get to see when I come across a BOPP adhesive tape?

In general, you will notice the clarity and transparency when you come across a non-colored BOPPtape.  A high quality tape from a reputed manufacturer shall also present highly glossy texture.

 The tape shall be uniform as far as its width and length are concerned.  It will be absolutely flat and devoid of any wrinkles or dents anywhere.

You will also find that when in contact with water, it remains moisture resistant. Similarly, whenthe tape is exposedto high and low temperatures, it will hardly show any noteworthy effects.

For your additional information, these tapes are non toxic and recyclable, and are thus totally safe for kids.

Posted on 21st Jan, 2019